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Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP), PO Box 3270, Port Adelaide SA 5015 

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ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide is now ASSP-ARTS

Flashback to the past

To offer additional support for our community members with disadvantages like physical and psychical impairments was the result of an accident which left Sue herself with a permanent physical disability. An additional heart problem and urgent advise by her medical team Sue’s decision with a heavy heart to close the doors of the gallery for good.

Formerly working in the tourism and entertainment industry Sue used her connections to promote Port Adelaide and its region on a national and international platform with the result that visitors from near and far voted her gallery as an attraction ranked on TripAdvisor as #9 of 32 things to do in Port Adelaide. 

Sue’s exhibition launches and awards presentations were famous and made their name around the globe so came that international visitors were sighted at the launches and awards presentations which were held by  local politicians. The events at the gallery were community events and attracted up to 190 visitors over the hours of the events. High-profile visitors so as Mrs Lan Le and members of the Federal and State Government were visiting the successful little gallery in the heart of Port Adelaide, others did sent congratulation letters which were read by the speakers to artists and the public..

Sue Smith, a painter herself and an award winning photographer, will continue in mentoring selected artists no matter the age and we’re glad for any exhibition space offer as small or as big it would be.

Before we look back a word by Sue herself:

Let’s be honest Port Adelaide is a sleeping beauty but I loved to be three long years serving you in the shop, celebrating with you, the community,  exhibitions launches, presentations of the annual ASSP Youth Awards, and as you know I’ve been there when a member of ‘my’ community just needed advise, a chat, a hug. Lots I and my team of volunteers  did on a social level was not-for-profit but there were also the business expenses with drastic increases in electricity, security, insurance, seeing this, my health issues, the lower number of visitors and the businesses around me ceasing doing business in the Port made also me rethink as completely without my business I didn’t like to be. As we know the future lies in the online business so my final decision to close the shop, working from my office in a pace and at times my body allows. This also gives me time for socialising, meeting with old friends and Community engagement. So, let’s now celebrate some milestones in the following pictures.

ASSP-ARTS presents:

A reminiscence of 3 years ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide


August 2015 SALA Festival
Inhouse Exhibition: Brad Morris – Extern Exhibition: James Levett 

September 2015  (2 days)
International Pirates Festival & ASSP Youth Awards Presentation 

October 2015
Panoptic Adelaide Exhibition 



November – December 2015  &  January 2016

February – March 2016
Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings Exhibition

April – May 2016
Sue’s “Port Adelaide and Its People” Exhibition

Launched by HON Mark Butler Labour Member for Port Adelaide, also the national president of the ALP and Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy & Councillors Peter Jamieson Outer Harbor Ward + Helen Wright Semaphore Ward and ‘Jimbo’ Jim Manning Chair WOW FM Radio 100.5

June – July 2016
Sue’s “Outback and Red Centre” Exhibition





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By train from Adelaide Railway Station:
At Adelaide Railway Station follow the signs to the Outer Harbor train, alight at Port Adelaide and walk around 9mins down Commercial Rd (direction Lighthouse).

By Bus from Adelaide: 
Number 115 from the city is the quickest connection but lots more routes bring you to Port Adelaide (recommendation: choose a slow connection to use the trip as sightseeing tour). Please ask one of the friendly drivers for the bus number he/she recommend. Alight at Commercial Rd and walk 2mins down Commercial Rd (direction Lighthouse).

Link to the heart of Port Adelaide on Google maps:,+Port+Adelaide+SA+5015/@-34.8468748,138.5068288,17z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m2!1m1!1s0x6ab0c6e4e0c73ee9:0xd16165521f862324!1m2!1m1!1s0x6ab0c6e3badcc9f5:0x7d18ac7dd606b009!3e2


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