ASSP-TOURS is here for you:

ASSP-TOURS endeavours to give you the most memorable experience during your stay. If wished can record your visit in photos or video clips.

Sue’s own experience as single person with a disability ever and ever crossed her mind when travellers were staying on red traffic lights, or  in the middle of the footpath with literally the question ‘what to do next’ in the eyes, in the end that and Sue’s own situation was how establishing of the Companionship Program for solo travellers and travellers in need to travel with carer was born.

As we know it can be very boring doing activities alone like visiting a museum, walking a city or town and in the end we spending precious leisure time in shopping centres instead enjoying to explore the secret of the places during your journey. We bet you experienced this frustrating experience several times and didn’t see the sites other travellers are rave about when back on bustraincruise ship or hotel.

Yes we are speaking from own experiences as exactly that happened as Sue, the owner of the ASSP group, as she was visiting for the first time Paris.  As she visited there again she was a tour guide on a bus but not all of us can have such a ‘career’.

Our team speaks English & German.

LEGAL NOTE to the Companionship Program: 
We are NOT an Escort agency and any sexual 
advances to our guides will be reported!