ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide

ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide is now ASSP-ARTS

Let’s be honest Port Adelaide is a sleeping beauty but we loved to be three long years serving you in the shop, celebrating with the community exhibitions launches, the presentations of the annual ASSP Youth Awards, and we’ve been there when a member of the community just needed advise, a chat, a hug.

Lots we did on a social level was not-for-profit but we also had business expenses and as the future lies in the online business we decided for closure of the shop which means Sue has to pay only the lease for her home, only one electricity and one phone bill, only one public liability insurance and operating now as an Online Art Gallery gives her time for socialising and meeting with old friends. So let’s celebrate some milestones in the following pictures.

ASSP-ARTS presents:

A reminiscence of 3 years ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide


August 2015 SALA Festival
Inhouse Exhibition: Brad Morris – Extern Exhibition: James Levett 

September 2015  (2 days)
International Pirates Festival & ASSP Youth Awards Presentation 

October 2015
Panoptic Adelaide Exhibition 

November – December 2015  &  January 2016

February – March 2016
Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings Exhibition

April – May 2016
Sue’s “Port Adelaide and Its People” Exhibition

Launched by HON Mark Butler Labour Member for Port Adelaide, also the national president of the ALP and Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy & Councillors Peter Jamieson Outer Harbor Ward + Helen Wright Semaphore Ward and ‘Jimbo’ Jim Manning Chair WOW FM Radio 100.5

June – July 2016
Sue’s “Outback and Red Centre” Exhibition