2016-2017 Artist Dianne Vanstone


Dianne Vanstone is a Painter, Illustrator, Art Tutor, Children’s Book Author, Granddaughter of Sir John Longstaff the first Australian who got knighted, a famous Portrait Painter and War Artist who five times awarded with the Archibald Prize, see http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/longstaff-sir-john-campbell-7230

Dianne Vanstone’s Exhibitions presented by ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide

Artist Dianne & ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide owner Sue Smith
Artist Dianne Vanstone & ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide Owner Sue Smith

We proudly presented Dianne’s beautiful paintings in our inhouse exhibitions during the SALA 2016 Festival with “Slice Of Life” and the Fringe 2017 Festival with “Faces Of The World“.

In both years we also presented Di at external venues, the last parallel to the inhouse exhibition with “The Colours Of Australia” as part of the Port Adelaide Fringe 2017 Festival.

Dianne’s SALA 2016 exhibition was launched by HON Dr Susan Close MP and Jim ‘Jimbo’ Manning Presenter and Board Member at our Semaphore WOW FM 100.5 radio.

Dianne’s Fringe 2017 exhibition was launched by Domenico Palombo, a 4th generation Italian Oil Painter and Master Art Restorer.

Dianne Vanstone & Domenico Palombo
Dianne Vanstone & Domenico Palombo

Dianne Vanstone’s Biography

  • Born 1952 in Sydney
  • Lives since age 10 in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Mainly self-taught life skills she received Commonwealth Scholarship in the last year of schooling.
  • After school Dianne studied Art at the South Australian School of Art
  • Commenced Bachelor of Arts to develop skills and styles.
  • Her works are watercolour, acrylics, oil, pen and wash, drawings
  • She accepts Art commissions.
  • Beside being a busy artist Dianne is tutoring for all ages.

Dianne  Vanstone’s Passions

Dianne endeavours to create awareness of the amazing world we live in and is creating Art that others will enjoy and share. Passionate about details she guides the viewer into different worlds and cultures with all its diversity and colour that we too often don’t see or take the time to stop and enjoy.

‘Child in the Rice Field’ by Dianne Vanstone

Often using recycled frames to help environmental awareness she also supports a number of charities, volunteers with several agencies and donates when needed for other causes.

Dianne Vanstone’s Exhibitions:

Solo exhibitions 2009:
Golden Grove Arts Centre
Gallery Space at Tea Tree GullyThe Hughes Gallery

Solo exhibitions 2010:
Gallery Space at Tea Tree Gully
Art Style Gallery Norwood

Solo exhibitions 2011:
Golden Grove Arts Centre
Artistic Licence Gallery North Adelaide

Solo exhibitions 2014:
SALA exhibition at Ink Pot Mount Barker
SALA at venues in Unley
Adelaide Zoo Space


Solo Exhibitions 2016-2017:

  • SALA 2016 at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide
  • Port Adelaide Enfield Council Public Library Greenacres represented by
    ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide
  • Fringe 2017 at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide
  • Port Adelaide Fringe 2017 at Port Adelaide Enfield Council Public Library Greenacres represented by ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide


Group / Shared Exhibitions 2013-2016:
Pepper Street Art Gallery (general display)
Art Room Gallery Hyde Park
Golden Grove Arts Centre
SALA exhibition at Golden Grove Arts Centre

Group / Shared Exhibitions 2014-2016:
Soul Food Cafe Redwood Park
SALA exhibition in Hyde Park (two venues)
SALA exhibition at 1855 Gallery with Tea Tree Council



2010: Artworks for the “Wings” series books for children, Era Publishing 

2013: “Dotty and the Fix-It-Cats” by Dianne Vanstone
Illustrations and stories for Dianne’s own book published with ExLibris snippet at the end of the page

2016-2017 “Africa” (working title):
Dianne is sponsor of an Ethiopian boy, after her visit at the country she felt she has to write down her emotions and impressions, the notes were the birth of her yet unpublished book with beautiful illustrations. Some of this illustrations painted Dianne in big sizes for the Adelaide Fringe 2017 Festival “Faces Of The World” at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide.


Francesca Belpario, Messenger Leader
Rob Greenwood, Messenger Leader

Snippet of Dianne Vanstone’s book:

Dotty and the Fix-it-Cats

Front Cover
Xlibris Corporation, 10 Jul. 2013Juvenile Fiction48 pages
Everyone knows that fairies live at the bottom of the garden but at the bottom of Mr. Grubb’s garden, lives a loveable and absent minded witch called Dotty. The Council of Magic and Wizardry have sent four magical cats to live with her as they can’t possibly allow any rumples (humans) to know about their world of magic. Travel with Dotty and the Fix-It-Cats to an amazing new world of magic and wonder. Visit Sandalot Close with its little people, journey to Cragmore School of Wizardry and Magic and help Dotty to read the ancient Rhyll Spell Book.

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