2015 Artist Brad Morris


Our SALA 2015 artist Brad Morris is a brilliant Photographer, studied Bachelor of Visual Arts (Specialisation) under the guidance of Mark Kimber  http://people.unisa.edu.au/?homepageid=Mark.Kimber  this degree was started fresh out of High School, but due to an unfortunate bout of illness, Brad had to cease study leading into his final year.

Six years later he has rejoined the art world with the support of his loving Fiancé and Family, and has in mind to further his study in a Post-Grad Degree, travelling the globe and capturing images for the public to appreciate.

Brad is also a sports person, player for the Port District Football Club  http://pdfc.com.au/  and earns his living as frame maker.

Brad participated in several exhibitions, the works he presented during our SALA 2015 was just a few of the pieces on Brad’s ongoing series “The Beauty of Historical Port Adelaide“. This series came about after Brad was approached by The British Hotel Port Adelaide  http://www.thebritish.com.au/   to present to them some work related to the history of Port Adelaide and is continually growing.The series got a great feedback from those fortunate enough to have seen them or have them on their wall.

Brad enjoys capturing landscapes and cityscapes in the daylight as well as at night, he is also famous for his wedding and portrait works.

Brad accepts commission work whether it be for interior decoration, or art appreciation, private or business clientele.


Testimonials to Brad’s SALA Exhibition works:

  • Fantastic photography – Viva History Port Adelaide!
  • Congratulations to the excellent exhibits!
  • Glenelg 1878 Meets 2015: well done!
  • Magnificent photos!
  • choice between b&w and colour was difficult!
  • I’m very pleased to see quality events like this in Port Adelaide, hopefully more follow at ASSP Gallery!
  • Very creative beautiful whole range of gamut of images!
  • Lovely work and Sue explained everything very well!
  • Beautiful photos – Informative host!
  • A lovely look at the surrounding area – think local!
  • Fantastic exhibition!
  • Beautiful artwork and photos, very evocative!
  • Wonderful photography on local subjects, beautiful displayed, thank you for sharing your work!
  • Good to see history documented!
  • Very good artworks, love the night time and reflections!

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