Karin Uppgard

ASSP Gallery Exhibition Opening SALA_0097
Karin Uppgard and Peter Markey chatting at Dianne Vanstone’s SALA 2016 exhibition launch.


Karin studied beside Fine Art also Graphic Design and Framing which reflects in her various works.

Despite her art studies Karin didn’t attempt to become an artist herself until… well until her neighbour thought it were now time to stop studying and earn instead a living, left to come shortly after back with 40 tubes of acrylic paint which she herself couldn’t use anymore about health issues. As her neighbour was very persistent our artist had started painting, and also doing robotic art where she prefers to work with recycled materials and computer bits.

She loves working with  Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Acrylic Paint works also with oils but her preferred medium are watercolours.

Her November 2016 exhibition works at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide are beautiful paintings which reflects her studies.

She also works with recycled materials on painted boards, her robots / androids / robotic art  is very popular with Collectors around the world.  Karin’s paintings are suitable for every room in your home or office.


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