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What Liesbeth tells us about herself:

I was born in the Netherlands and have been an Occupational Therapist for many years. Here I used my creative skills to set up programs and departments, organised adjustments in housing for the disabled and developed innovative treatments programs for many clients.

Now I have completed my Bachelors of Visual Arts and Design at the Adelaide College for the Arts and developed my skills in which I can communicate issues of importance.  My art is driven by the way I see life here on earth and the need to look after this planet by living in peace and harmony. My art also focusses on thoughts and feelings, often inspired through nature.

My artwork is quite diverse, with drawings expressing fun and emotions. My paintings are colourful using realism and symbolism to express the ideas. These can be observed in my environmental paintings, where landscapes represent our Earth, showing how all places are connected. The birds symbolise people meeting, connecting, and living together in harmony. The richly layered colours, patterns and textures express the beauty and variety of our Earth, and the need to treasure and look after it.

At the latest exhibition in the Art Gallery of the Adelaide Zoo, displayed paintings with abstract landscapes contrasted with realism, often with endangered species in them. This combination can be interpreted in different ways as it stimulates feelings inspired through nature, like peace, harmony, appreciation of beauty etc. It can also be interpreted as the abstract unknown future and the realism of how these endangered species will fare in the future world. This theme also indicates the importance of looking after nature and our beautiful earth.


2008 – 2013 Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design (Painting); Adelaide College for the Arts, Adelaide.

1990 – 1993 Adelaide Central School of Art, Norwood, Adelaide (sessional basis)

1972 – 1974 Vrije Academy, (Visual Arts), The Hague, Netherlands

Special Projects

2012:  “JACK IN public art project” illustration/painting/conceptual input: Liesbeth Pockett, animation / public art installation: Illuminart (project team: Luku Kukuku (animator), Cindi Drennan (director), Craig Laurendet (installation)

Book illustration

1995:  “Operation Teddy” by Elizabeth Hutchins illustrated by Liesbeth Pockett. Ref; National Library of Australia:


2014:  “Therapist to Artist”, SA LIFE Magazine, December 2013/January 2014 edition, page 80.
SA Life Magazine, PO Box 2, Goodwood SA 5034, sa

2012:   “AC Arts illuminates the West End during the Fringe”, February 2012 TAFE SA News


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