ASSP presented Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings Exhibition

Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings Exhibition at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide from 5th February to 20th March 2016

ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide launched on the 5th February with a big opening night the Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings exhibition. The exhibition is scheduled until 20th March 2016, 5pm, and showcases traditional and contemporary paintings by long established, international recognised and awarded artists.
Guests and visitors used the opportunity to talk to the artists and asked questions to Aboriginal history, culture, the artworks, the stories behind each artwork, the meanings, and also to the history and use of the wide range of hand-carved traditional tools and weapons.

Royalty-free music was supplied and the opening speeches recorded by Max E Miller, Owner and operator of Electric Railway Studio Huntfield Heights SA.

Music Equipment and Recording of Speeches by Max E Miller owner of Electric Railway Studio Huntfield Heights
Max Miller

The photographer of the night was Terry Lions  usually a maritime and maritime races photographer.

Last light check by Sue's friend Terry before the doors open for public.
Terry Lions

ASSP Gallery features beside the long established, international accredited and awarded Aboriginal artists as Annette Gai Boreham (Sparrow), Greg Harald, Rick Taylor, Sharon Gertz (Moss), Teresa Walker and the woodcarving artists John Murphy and Linton Sykes (Leno) as well as five works from talented young indigenous artists from Port Lincoln High School.

The young award recipients were encouraged at the awards presentation  by Gavin Wanganeen to keep up their great work, so Sue, the owner of ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide, thought ‘what better encouragement for this young artists are deeds instead words’ and contacted Port Lincoln High School. Wanda, one of the the art teachers and her colleagues have been very cooperative in providing five of the awarded paintings so our special thanks to Wanda and the PLHS team, to the artists and their parents for the permission to showcase, sell and promote the works. Sadly our young artists couldn’t attend the opening night of the exhibition to get the compliments of our artists for their works in person.

CATALOGUE Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings

Annette Gai Boreham (Sparrow)

Annette is a highly respected Aboriginal Elder who lives in Ethelton SA.
Annette’s work “Gecko” – Catalogue No. AG-001 was the first artwork which was sold straight from the wall during the exhibition launch.

We could Aunty Annette contract as part of an external exhibition which will be presented by ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide at Greenacres from 1st-30th November 2016.

Bio_Borham Annette Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-002 Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-003 Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-004 Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-005

Greg Harald

Greg comes from Rockhampton and lives in Wingfield SA. As you see on the photos below he is very versatile in his art.



Rick Taylor

Rick was born at the Woodville Hospital and didn’t know for a long time about his famous father Peter  Rick learned then the traditional style of painting and colours as he was to meet his family and lived for a while in his traditional homeland before moving back to Woodville.

Rick held the Masters of Arts degree, won awards for his mosaics and lead light art.

Sue says: I felt honoured as Jim “Jimbo” Manning invited invited Rick and me to a live broadcast in the studio of WOW FM 100.5 Semaphore it was very interesting to learn things about Rick which I didn’t know about my artist.

Bio_Taylor-Rick (Ricky)

Tag_Taylor-Rick_RT-001 Tag_Taylor-Rick_RT-002 Tag_Taylor-Rick_RT-003

Aunty Sharon Gertz (Moss)

Sharon did grow up at the Yorke region and she too is an highly respected Aboriginal Elder. Beside her paintings she often tries new things so as painting a piece of driftwood as watermelon.

Bio_SharonGERTZ Tag_Gertz-Sharon_SG-001 Tag_Gertz-Sharon_SG-002 Tag_Gertz-Sharon_SG-003

Teresa Walker

After our media release Teresa got  featured in the Portside Messenger, sadly we couldn’t get the big set of photographs which were done in front of her works inside and outside of our gallery.

Teresa is living in Royal Park SA.

Bio_Walker-TeresaTag_Walker-Teresa_C001 Tag_Walker-Teresa_C002 Tag_Walker-Teresa_C003 Tag_Walker-Teresa_C004Port Lincoln High School – 2015 Winners of “Our Young Mob” (Arts Teacher: Wanda)

SOLD by ASSP - Catalogue PLHS-001_Cyril-Duncan_PLHS

Catalogue PLHS-002_Shayla MillerPickett-Shayla_PLHS - SOLD by the Artist/School Catalogue PLHS-003_Shayla MillerPickett-Shayla_PLHS SOLD by ASSP - Catalogue PLHS-004_Kaesharna Mundy_PLHS Catalogue PLHS-005_Richards-Alex_PLHS

Barkpaintings, Prints, and other artworks


Tag_PeterDabba_JM-001Tag_AaliyahKoca_ASSP-004 Tag_EnidBenwell_ASSP-001 Tag_Lewis Jakamurra_ASSP-002 Tag_Lewis Jakamurra_ASSP-003Woodcarvings:

John Murphy (JM):
John was born in the country in the Rockhampton area and had a rough life as youngest part of the biggest cattle ranch owners in the area. He was brought up the traditional way, lost early his beloved mother in an accident where a car struck her horse, and eight of his family in the Christmas Eve 2015 disaster.
John is living in Queenstown SA, a suburb in the Port Adelaide Council area.
Occupation: Chef

Linton Sykes (Leno)
Linton is now living in Largs Bay South Australia, a suburb in the Port Adelaide Council area.
Woodcarver, Amateur Photographer

Exhibition Opening Night Speakers:

Cr Michael Iammarrone JP – Deputy Mayor of the Port AdelaideEnfield Council
Our and our artists thanks goes to CR Michael Iammarrone  and to the Hon Mitch Fifield for his letter to us and the artists to the launch of the Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings exhibition.
Michael was impressed as we asked him if he would do the honour to read the 2-page letter from Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield Minister of the Arts, Canberra in addition to his own speech.

Bonny Brodie, the granddaughter of late Aunty Veronica Brodie (  for the Welcome To Country ceremony.

After the ceremony John Murphy played the beautiful hand-painted digeridoo (a Bunnings pipe),

Thank you the volunteers of the night which tally counted more than 60 guests, each of them and the artists enjoyed the night, music and atmosphere.


(Terry Lions – )

(Sue Smith – Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)R – 


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