PAST EVENT: Lindsay Kilminster Exhibition & Live Shows 2015 to 2016

ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide presented Fine Art by artist Lindsay Kilminster

Lindsay’s Paintings Oil on Canvas

was on exhibition at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide until 4th January 2016. Here some of Lindsay's works:
“Copying-the-old-Masters” by artist Lindsay Kilminster
Oil on canvas 52cm x 58cm

About the Artist:

Lindsay Kilminster has followed the footsteps of his grandfather John Love, a watercolour artist who founded the Adelaide Arts Society in March 1952. Lindsay started painting when he was 10 years old, studying both oil and watercolour.

Seascape, sea, dunes, south australia, australia,
Oil on Canvas

About his Style:

Lindsay specialises in fine art paintings, using oils as his preferred medium due to their vibrant colours and durability. He paints a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, flora, fauna, portraits, motorcars, motorcycles and boats.

Since his retirement in 2013, Lindsay and his partner Anne have been traveling around Australia in their motor home, often venturing into roads less traveled, and capturing on canvas the grandeur of the Australian outback with its vivid colours and changing moods throughout the seasons.

Lindsay paints both plein-air as well as in his garden studio from photographs he has taken. His particular interest are cloud formations, water reflections and wildlife, especially seagulls, pelicans and cockatoos.

Lindsay is also picture framer and all his paintings are professionally framed.

paintings, oil, cats, animals,
Oil on Canvas 66cm x 55cm

Commission Work:

Lindsay also does commission work on any subject at a very reasonable price so don’t hesitate to ask the team of ASSP Gallery to arrange you a meeting with the artist!

Cars, Holden, GM, General Motors, Opel, windmill, outback, australia, Flinders, Ranges,
Oil on canvas – SOLD

His Merits:

Lindsay has entered paintings in various art exhibitions.

He received a certificate of merit (Oil Section) at the Royal Adelaide Show in 2012 for his painting “Tomatoes”.

paintings, oil, nature, flora, outback, flowers,
Oil on Canvas

Lindsay Kilminster and ASSP Gallery invited you at several occasion over the duration of the exhibition to see a new painting coming to life and will be featured in the 2016 “Port Adelaide and It’s People” exhibition.

Oil, paintings, canvas, outback, australia,
Oil on Canvas


Lindsay is represented by the Glenelg Art Gallery and by ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide.

The Artist on WWW:

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