ADELAIDE FRINGE 2017 (2 exhibitions)

Meet Australia’s History in our Adelaide Fringe Artist Dianne Vanstone

Sir John Campbell Longstaff, War Artist, Portraitistfive times Archibald Prize recipient, President of the Victorian Artists Society, Trustee of the National Gallery in Victoria and the first Australian who was knighted bequeathed the artistic blood in his veins to his granddaughter Dianne Vanstone.
Dianne Vanstone showed us during SALA 2016 the inherited talent in her paintings, especially in the stunning portraits of humans and animals, public favourite has been the portrait of an Aboriginal child where the work was so authentic that visitors thought it were a photograph

Heritage Child
Heritage Child by Dianne Vanstone (SOLD)

We presented in-house as main Fringe 2017 Dianne Vanstone’s exhibition Faces of the World. Dianne showed us in her works not only the beautiful faces of humans around the world but also of the animals.

Faces of the World” is inspired by the innocence of children and the wisdom of the elderly this official Adelaide Fringe 2017 exhibition presented us the variety of faces from around the world.

Dianne’s statement: “I’ feel that humanity is so overcome with the ennui of work commitments, indoor lighting and tiredness that we all miss the true beauty if differences in race and genre. My exhibition is a chance for the public to open their eyes and feast on the diversity in the world, the diversity which is around us, the diversity of the Fringe participants.”
“Faces of the World” paintings by Dianne Vanstone were exhibited at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide until Sunday 19 March 2017

External Venue:

The Colours of Australia Fringe 2017 exhibition was presented by ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide at the Port Adelaide Enfield Council  Public Library Greenacres.

This exhibition by our artist Dianne Vanstone ranged from beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna to abstract. The paintings featured colours that best represent the colours of Australia – the vibrant reds and yellows of the land tinged with warm earth tones of burned sienna and yellow ochre.

Not sold exhibition works was offered via our online platforms for sale, the artist declared to donate proceeds to a charity of her choice.


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