PAST EXHIBITION: CATALOGUE Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings & MYSTERY BID

Aboriginal Art, Craft and Woodcarvings Exhibition

The Exhibition Works

Annette Gai Boreham (Sparrow) –
an Aboriginal Elder:
Bio_Borham Annette Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-002 Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-003 Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-004 Tag_Boreham-Annette_AG-005

Greg Harald:


Tag_Harald-Greg_GH-007Tag_Harald-Greg_GH-008_MARKED Rick Taylor:

Bio_Taylor-Rick (Ricky) about our artists father

Tag_Taylor-Rick_RT-001 Tag_Taylor-Rick_RT-002 Tag_Taylor-Rick_RT-003Sharon Gertz (Moss):

Bio_SharonGERTZ Tag_Gertz-Sharon_SG-001 Tag_Gertz-Sharon_SG-002 Tag_Gertz-Sharon_SG-003Teresa Walker:

Bio_Walker-TeresaTag_Walker-Teresa_C001 Tag_Walker-Teresa_C002 Tag_Walker-Teresa_C003 Tag_Walker-Teresa_C004Port Lincoln High School:

Catalogue PLHS-001_Cyril-Duncan_PLHS Catalogue PLHS-002_Shayla MillerPickett-Shayla_PLHS Catalogue PLHS-003_Shayla MillerPickett-Shayla_PLHS Catalogue PLHS-004_Kaesharna Mundy_PLHS Catalogue PLHS-005_Richards-Alex_PLHS…more Artworks:

Tag_DBlansay_JM-002 Tag_PeterDabba_JM-001Tag_AaliyahKoca_ASSP-004 Tag_EnidBenwell_ASSP-001 Tag_Lewis Jakamurra_ASSP-002 Tag_Lewis Jakamurra_ASSP-003Woodcarving:

John Murphy:
John was born in the country in the Rockhampton area and had a rough life as youngest part of the biggest cattle ranch owners in the area. He was brought up the traditional way, lost early his beloved mother and eight of his family in the Christmas Eve 2015 disaster.
John is now living in Queenstown South Australia, a suburb in the Port Adelaide Council area.
Woodcarver, Chef.

Linton Sykes (Leno)
Linton is now living in Largs Bay South Australia, a suburb in the Port Adelaide Council area.
Woodcarver, Amateur Photographer

Mystery Bid

Linton has a hand-carved Coolamon in the exhibition which could be yours soon. To place your Mystery Bid from outside Port Adelaide or outside of Australia please send us an email subject MYSTERY BID.

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