Blood, Sweat, and Tears by an International Award Winner

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International Award for our Aboriginal Artist Janet Milera

International Award for our Aboriginal Artist Janet Milera

Congratulations to our artist,
her family and friends to the award!

Story Time

You are wondering why we congratulate not only Janet but also her  family and friends? Then read this:

First was the painting of the emu but who Janet knows knows that she is never 100% satisfied with her artworks, in this she is as all -or at least as most- of the artists.
One day Janet was sitting in her studio, looking to her painting, going back in time to her childhood where she was with her parents and siblings as so often at Wardang Island.
Instead staying with the family her siblings diverged with some food in their hands as an female emu got attracted by the lovely smell and was going to get her part of the meal.
Janet thought her little siblings in danger and chased the emu away from them which made Mrs Emu angry and as Janet turned for a split second to look for the boys she got picked in her head. Without food but happy about the vengeance the emu disappeared.
Sure as that Janet wasn’t happy having been picked in her head but she showed understanding for the emu who taught her and her siblings the lesson what not to do in the nature.

This memory was the birth of the emu painting, adorned with real emu feathers so as you see it on our wall.


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