Welcome to our Cruise Ship Information page. We are aware that this info page should be in our Tourism part but we think it’s easier for you to have all information on one single page.

If you are a bit pressed for time, Port Adelaide is a hive of maritime and rail history. The Outer Harbor train service will get you there in around 20 minutes from the Outer Harbor railway station.

Let’s start by the Tripadvisor  Top 10 Must See at Port Adelaide please follow the link below, thank you.

Explore the Port –  FREE

ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide should be your stop to start your journey through our Port’s history and now. Sue and her volunteer team are happy to tell you a bit about historic town, what to see, where to eat, what else to do, and if you are happy we were glad if you leave us a recommendation on

Explore the local Art – FREE

ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide has a range on selected souvenirs – collectibles – Art inclusive Aboriginal Art & Craft for you, our prices start by $4 for own design Fridge magnets to around $1,000 for artworks. Just have a browse without pressure to buy but if you find something you like we’ll happy to assist you.

If you decide to buy/order an Artwork over $250 we offer you a free return by taxi to the cruise ship, we are also able to ship worldwide so you can continue your journey and get your delivery when back home.