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As our web-shop is still in the making we like to offer you an interims solution for your requests or orders. As thankyou for your patience we extended the exhibition prices.

All artworks are originals (without watermark), with Certificate of Authenticity, Exhibition Catalogue (where applicable), artist bio and signature by the artist.

We are working with specialists in Art shipping, that’s why we are able to offer worldwide shipping and which makes sure that your masterpiece arrives without damage.


Worldwide  (freight & insurance buyer)
Interstate:  by Courier Services
Local:  pick-up or free delivery within a radius of 10kms of our location (10+kms are matter of negotiation)

Accepted Payment Methods:

PayPal – Google Wallet – Visa – UnionPay – Credit Card –  Mastercard –
CUP (Chinese: 银联; pinyin: Yínlián

Requests & Orders:


We like you to stay safe so here some tips for safe buying:

Keep software up-to-date on your computer or mobile device – especially security software.
Avoid public Wi-Fi for financial transactions, including managing or even accessing your PayPal account.
Use a credit card as your funding method instead of a debit card or direct bank transfer.
Use a dedicated computer for financial transactions if you want to be especially safe.
Use a different device for surfing and social media.
Be wary of links in emails,  Phishing scams may feature messages that appear to come from PayPal but really link to impostor sites that steal your account information.

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