Media Release

7 January, 2018

For immediate release


ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide is closing its doors after three years serving and supporting the Arts, Community, Disadvantaged People and the Youth.

After 3 years of proving a service to support the arts community, schools, youth and disadvantaged groups ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide is official closing its doors on 14 January, 2018.

Gallery owner Sue Smith has her own experiences living with a disability as a result of an accident in 2008. Her medical team at the time suggested establishing her own art gallery would be a therapeutic tool to aiding her recovery.

Over the years Sue has provided additional support for people living with a physical disability and those impacted by mental illness. As she was asked by a Disability Organisation located in Port Adelaide if she would support their members in giving them a chance to volunteer at ASSP Gallery Sue agreed without hesitation.

For health reasons Sue will take things slow for a few weeks to get ready with support by her trusted team of volunteers to take on new challenges in the arts, photography and tourism.

Formerly working within the tourism and entertainment industries Sue has used her connections to promote Port Adelaide and its region to national and international tourists, the gallery is currently ranked by TripAdvisor #9 of 32 things to do in Port Adelaide.

Exhibition launches and awards presentations, featuring our our local politicians, were community events held at the gallery and attracted up to 190 visitors from the local area, interstate and world, from the Asian countries to US, Canada, England, Russia, European countries up to the southernmost of Europe’s Baltic states: Lithuania.

VIPs from Federal and State Government visited the successful little gallery in the heart of Port Adelaide, this included Mrs Lan Lei. The members who couldn’t visit did sent letters of support, these was read by launch speakers to members of the public


Exciting new beginnings coming your way! You closed your gallery with the grace in which you ran it. Will always be grateful to you for buying my three mirrors at the Port Adelaide Rotary Art Show in 2016. You’ve no idea how much this encouraged me and how it has carried on! Good wishes always.” (Thanks for the how-to-wrap-paintings advise too.) Liz Ports, Artist”

Very sorry that you to close Sue, you did a fantastic job not just for artists but for the tourism at the Port, you will be missed there.All the best for your future.” Susan Gilder, Volunteer

Sue Smith you have contributed so much to the Arts in your exhibition venture and the support of artists, Your commitment and determination has been an enormous milestone. Good luck on your new stage. It will be a pleasure to take on your exhibition banner at the RRR!” Ourania Baslis, Proprietor Red Rhino Room Exhibition Space and Studio, Hilton SA”


ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide is a business by Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®

in the future structure the focus of the business will be on Product- and Industrial Photography (ASSP-PHOTO)

As Sue is a painter and mentor and supervisor of artwork installations of up to a max. of 600 artworks (550 at the Rotary Port Exhibition 2016) Everything related to the Arts will be assigned to the department ASSP-ARTS.

ASSP-TRAVEL will be the department which continues to promote Port Adelaide and its suburbs and other attractive places in South Australia. ASSP-TRAVEL offers also a COMPANIONSHIP PROGRAM, details on this will be send to the media to a later time.

Sue Smith is owner of a historic collection of photographs of important world events, one of this photos she donated to the National Railway Museum Port Adelaide. Depending on the preservation and preparation time of this old fragile collection Sue and her team may be able to show this collection in 2020 for the first time to the public. Details on this will be send to the media to a later time.

Sue Smith, a multiple times award recipient for her photography, donated after a digital painting of the ship recently at the unveiling of the Code Of Arms Event a photograph of her works to the Board of the Clipper Ship City of Adelaide. It is currently inside the ship on show. This photograph was captured during the visit of His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le and Mrs Le where Sue was booked to capture the visit in her photos (see some on the Clipper Ship website).

For further media information contact Sue Smith


Phone: 08 8240 2686 or Mobile: 0412 924 696 from 10AM to 10PM

If unable to answer immediately please leave a clear message or sms with your name and phone number, Sue will call you back as soon as possible.