ASSP-ARTS presents SALA 2018 Artist Karen Haskard

Featured  Artist

Karen Haskard

ASSP-ARTS is happy to present our protégée  and  SALA 2018 exhibition partner Karen Haskard and some of her works.

Karen has been exhibitor at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide with her animals paintings, and a few drawings. She has a good exhibition, and sales record, and is an international awarded artist.

Her inspiration is the nature with its vibrant colours, her award-winning orchards (she’s a grower) and her companion parrot.

The works she creates are versatile,  from paintings to drawings to experimental.

Karen’s short bio
She is an artist from Adelaide, South Australia. She studied Art all through her secondary education and received her highest exam marks in the Arts in her final year.
In 2016 a change in health meant that Karen had to leave the fast paced finance career and is since then concentrated to her one true love:  the Arts.
She has a deep anchored passion for creativity & art, and she is continually learning new techniques in art classes, art circles and as member of a local art group.
Karen has a number of hobbies that she also draws inspiration from: She loves music and singing, growing orchids, and she has many years’ experience as a Toastmaster where she emceed events, one of them was a Gala 2017 at our ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide  with VIPs from Canberra to local greats to a Brownlow medallist.

We present you below three of Karen’s awarded works. She created them in using acrylic paints in water, photographed then this finished paintings, and as last step in digital editing  she created then this final artworks.

More of her works you see in her SALA 2018 exhibitions 1-31 August 2018 at The Old Barn, Sedan and at the Chateau Tanunda, Tanunda

An overview of her kind of other artworks and styles you’ll find at Gallery 247, link: