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As we heard Sue is lover of history and historic buildings so we don’t wonder that she had located her arts business in the historic heart of Port Adelaide.

Her gallery was a bit more than three years located in the
historic Central Hotel building.

Some time, permanently disrupted by construction works and disturbances in the cellar rooms, the ghost who was living there had enough and moved in the cosy little gallery. One day he played with Sue’s hair, the other day he was friendly to the volunteers and one it happened that he was not happy how two visitors treated Sue and her volunteer, it was a funny to see how both got pulled out of the gallery by an invisible force.   /


As we know it can be very boring doing activities alone like visiting a museum, walking a city or town and in the end spending precious leisure time in shopping centres without being in the mood to spend the hard earned money there instead in enjoying to see the secret of the places your journey brings you.

I bet you know what happens to so much of us solo travellers: we land in a food place and didn’t see the sites other travellers are rave about when back on bus, train, cruise ship or hotel.

Yes we are speaking from own experiences as exactly that happened as Sue was visiting for the first time Paris. As she visited there a second time she were on the other site of the fence: she was a tour guide but not all of us can have such a ‘career’ but this own experience ever and ever came in her mind when she did see travellers staying on the intersections, red pedestrian traffic lights, or middle of the footpath with literally the question-marks in their eyes, that was where the idea was born after closing of the ASSP Gallery to establish the Companionship Program for solo travellers and travellers in need to travel with carer.

Our Companionship team speaks English & German.

We are NOT an Escort agency and any sexual
advances to our guides will be penalised!

For details to our Companionship Program please send an email to

Museums Tours
are also suitable for Companionship Program participants

So, you think museums are dusty dark places or think they are nothing for you to appreciate? Let us proof you wrong!

Our three main museums are all in the same street which makes us the only city on world offering this convenience to its visitors. You may be visiting on a day where the South Australian Maritime Museum offers guided tours to the Quarantine Station which is a rare opportunity and worth to dig deeper in time where Australia cared not to get any epidemic diseases in the country.

Our museums are modern and family fun.  Maritime Museum, Railway Museum,  Aviation Museum (the museums can also be hired for group or corporate events.

Special FE-111 guided tours are also available but quick sold out, if you like us to reserve you a place send us an email with your details at least four weeks before your planned visit.All our museums are having regularly special events, shows and surprises for their visitors.

Aerials Port Adelaide
Copyright Aerial Port Adelaide by Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)


Photography Tours Port Adelaide, Semaphore, Largs Bay, Outer Harbor

Go with Sue, owner of Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®  ( in short: ASSP-PHOTO ) on a tour!

Sue is an national and international awarded photographer in the categories aerial, architecture, botanic, landscape, maritime and nature just to name some. She will show you some really interesting sites of the Port and telling you some stories of the very colourful history of our city and its surrounds.

Let us show you Semaphore and its history, the cute little shops, the great food places, the jetties, landmarks and:

Let us take you for a ride on the historic Semaphore Carousel

which has 4 wheelchair bays and give you and your carer a free ride (donations are certainly welcome).

It’s suitable for all ages, currently it’s $5 per ride. This Merry-Go-Round has a deep history and after nearly losing it to an American tycoon who only liked to buy about the horses it is now owned by Rotary Henley Beach and is open during summer 10am to late, school holidays & weekends 10am to 5pm.



Guided tours on the “City of Adelaide” the world’s oldest surviving Clipper Ship are daily held by the volunteers at 10AM, 12PM and 2PM.
She made 23 return voyages from England to South Australia and shares the fastest record of only 65 days with the Yatala.
An estimated 250,000 Australians can trace their ancestry to this ship.

Questions what more to do during your visit/stay at Port Adelaide besides visiting the Port Power Football Club? Here a few of our suggestions:

WINE TASTING TOUR BAROSSA / CLARE VALLEY    (day tours / overnight tours )

Photography by Sue at Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®
BAROSSA Photography by Sue at Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®


Experience the Flinders Ranges in a day tour or book a longer stay when you like to take in the beautiful change in the nature when the night falls over the ranges, especially when you are a professional or advanced photographer you shouldn’t miss out on the sunrise/sunsets and night stars. This tour is also suitable for amateur photographers which also like not to miss the spectacle we may be able to have a photographer assisting you but this depends on the availability of the photographer.

Visit  the  Northern Territory * (Uluru (formerly called Ayers Rock), Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Lake Eyre 
(minimum booking 4 days)FLIGHTS / SPECIAL GIFTS

Beach & City (from Parafield Airport along the seafront to Henley Jetty whilst taking in the views of Adelaide City and its beaches. It’s a great way to experience Adelaide’s amazing scenery from the cockpit of a classic military aeroplane (approx. 30mins).

Aerobatic flight for thrill seekers (an experienced pilot talk you through a Wing Over, Barrel Roll, Aileron Roll, and Loop before you go into your first aerobatic sequence where one manoeuver will be followed by the next (approx. 30mins).
Not enough Adrenaline? It gets better!! After the introduction as above the pilot flies with you a short aerobatic sequence with increasing intensity and talks you through the advanced and complicated manoeuvers and sensations (approx. 35mins).

The Ultimate adventure you can experience in a Nanchang. This advanced level of aerobatics gives you a true sense of living on the edge and the knowledge how an ex war aircraft can really perform (ca. 45mins).

You like to feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun? No worries, you can! Your mission will include full aerobatics and high speed manouvers starting at mild, right through to wild in a L39 Albatross (approx. 20mins)

Our network partner is also specialised in corporate and group events, why not let them do the work and organise you a Top Gun Event. If its about motivation and fun you are after then be assured you get it.

You like the thrill but in a milder version? You get it! Book a helicopter flight and ‘cruise’ over Port Adelaide, see the Saltpans, beach and sea. The flights are suitable for the whole family. diverse packages incl. corporate charter is also available.

We like you to have the ultimate holiday experience, a lot we can offer thanks our network partners is not yet listed, just let us know about your wishes, requirements, hobbies and budget and we’ll find the right package for you. Please send your enquiry to

Book your Stay

You can find and book your Port Adelaide stay here (please note that ASSP Gallery shares this link voluntarily):

Thinking to extend your stay?

Originally your plan was to visit Adelaide only for one night but now you think how nice it were to visit the Barossa, Claire Valley, going a trip to the Flinders Ranges (just to name some of our attractions).

Why not staying a few days longer? We can take the organisational stress off you so you can lean back and look forward to your excursion/s!

ASSP & Tripadvisor have more tips for you:

Future Plans: Everything needs it’s time and so over the time Sue and her team will inform you here about a lot more places in South Australia which .are worth to see, things to do, where to stay and where to eat and accentuates this with her photographs.

So, you made it all the way to down here  🙂   you have deserved a smile or a good laugh when you read the 40 signs about us and why you never shall call Adelaide ‘Radelaide’  😉

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