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4 of 5 stars Reviewed 28 February 2016

ASSP stands for “Adelaides Sue Smith Photography.” This small gallery shop is located near the corner of Commercial Road and St Vincent Street. It was closed when I passed by it a few weeks ago. But it was open today (Sunday). So I called in to see the current exhibition of Aboriginal arts. Sue, the owner, was sitting in front of the gallery shop. She was friendly and helpful. She told me the stories behind some of the artwork.

  • Hi Suen, great meeting you on Friday at the launch of the Panoptic Exhibition – brilliant photography and an enjoyable get together.
  • The gallery in an exciting venture and the sort of thing Port Adelaide needs as it tries to draw more people to the area. Shane, Upfront Media
  • Sue thank you for sharing insights in the history of Port Adelaide – very informative and interesting! We will come back to Port Adelaide!!
  • Compact, friendly, interesting and local!
  • We are very pleased to see quality events like yours in Port Adelaide, we hope more will follow!
  • Great Space – Great Vibe!!
  • Very professional owner!
  • Very great information given out by the gallery owner!
  • Very nice ambience to the gallery – and it smells so good!
    Note  by Sue, Owner ASSP Gallery: that are the candles and diffuser we sell.
  • Everything in this gallery was nicely placed and balanced!
  • A happy chance led us to this gallery, a lovely surprise!
  • The gallery is in a great location and will attract more tourists!
  • A very interesting, informative, friendly and great place to visit!
  • We enjoyed the owners explanation and historical knowledge and enlightenment we were given when we visited the place. Thank you Sue!
  • Very welcoming gallery – shop, I enjoyed this space very much!
  • What a nice space!! Happy to found it! We’ll come back!
  • Lovely gallery! Thanks Sue!
  • Very interesting space and great variety on sale!
  • Thank you for your enthusiasm Sue and kind detailed explanation of the works!
  • Lovely gallery space!
  • Very welcoming!
  • I have great deal of faith in Sue Smith and the success of her gallery!
  • Very well presented exhibition and explained by Sue!
  • Lovely work and Sue explains all very well!
  • More exhibitions and more often please!
    Note  by Sue, Owner ASSP Gallery: 2016 is fully booked, all exhibitions will be on show for 6 weeks, see “Upcoming Events”.
  • Very pleasing space for exhibitions!
  • Very enjoyable space!
  • Very informative and friendly gallery owner!
  • Enjoyed exhibition and good verbal description by the owner
  • Lovely gallery, lovely shop, great range of items!
  • Sue was able to reflect the artists works very well, thank you Sue!
  • Well arranged and displayed exhibition and stock!
  • Lovely space!
  • A very interesting exhibition and shop but I was particularly taken by the wax lamps!
  • Sue thank for explaining us the exhibition so very well!
  • Congratulations to another great choice of artist Sue!
  • Very helpful with informations – thank you Sue!
  • Very welcoming space and informative explanation!
  • Beautiful presented artworks!
  • A very friendly and welcoming place!
  • Thank you Sue!
  • Very well presented exhibition and detailed explained by Sue, we also like her sortiment especially the lovely smelling candles!
  • Lovely to look around in the gallery and have a personal commentary! Thank you Sue!
  • Informative host! Thank you!
  • Welcoming and inviting gallery!
  • Nice gallery!
  • Very warm and inviting – friendly!
  • A lovely set up of gallery and itemsvery welcoming and friendly!
  • Great artworks you display Sue!! Thank you!!
  • Thank you Sue, we enjoyed thoroughly!!
  • Excellent exhibition and choice of artists, art and craft!
  • Enjoyed everything!
  • Simply but effective presented – thank you Sue!
  • Thank you for your generosity at the opening night Sue! What a wonderful Friday night, I was enjoying hospitality and wonderful art!
  • I went to the shop for a look today and just loved the shop. so interesting, and Sue is such a lovely person. really worth a look. must see for all.
  • “Hi Sue and John, great meeting you both at the launch of the Panoptic Adelaide Exhibition‬brilliant photography and an enjoyable get together at your gallery“.





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