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ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide

Sue  is recipient of multiple international awards for photography,  painted and Digital created Art.

She is participating in Art Festivals, Exhibitions and Judged Competitions in Australia and Overseas.

Looking through the photo galleries you’ll recognise that most of Sue’s published photographic works are done outside which shows her connection to the nature and universe
You’ll also recognise that she is not shy to show environmental and social issues too.

The World Becomes a Rubbish Dump

The World … A Rubbish Dump

In her painted Art the world around us plays also a great role, here too Sue shows in some of her works environmental problems so as her latest paintingBlack Rain“.

Her digital created Art, crayon paintings, watercolour, pen, etc. are a bit different and experimental but as all of Sues works very colourful

Digital Art by Sue Smith ASSP-ARTS


This work and her digital work “Stars Of Hollywood” was entered in an American judged competition where the “Stars…” was awarded.

We hope you enjoy your stay and are following the links to Sue’s

  • Photo-Gallery Index:
    *Awards*Merchant Navy Day 2018 (Events Photography)
    *Port Adelaide Exhibition
    *Australian Outback & Red Center Exhibition
    *SAAM South Australian Aviation Museum
    *SALA 2018 Exhibitions

The Marsians at The Port The Martians at The Port by Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP) – Photo 1 of 2

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