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Note: the photos below are resized and in low resolution which make some looking a bit funny, please let us or the organiser of the event Mr Phil Mason SA MNA President know if you like a digital version/s of the original size which are in high resolution.

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SA HERITAGE – Sue’s FINALIST photograph:

FINALIST Hart's Mill Packing Shed
Copyright Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®

A big part of Sue’s works as Freelance Photographer is structural photography Her SA Heritage Finalist work from inside the “Hart’s Mill Packing Shed” is part of the mapping she did in this State Heritage building at Port Adelaide .

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Answers to common questions

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Sue answering your questions

Q: Does Sue photography other things as the listed ones?
A: Yes Manu, Sue’s colourful works show the world around us, from animal portraits to aerial photographs, from land to water, from environmental and social issues to painted emotions and fun projects – and more, not to forget her national and international awarded photographs in colour, black-white  and sepia and her also international awards for her painted Art.

Q: What means ‘ASSP’?
A: ASSP stays for Adelaides Sue Smith Photography

Q: I did see on Facebook that you have a private page and 3 business?
A: Our divisions shortened are

ASSP-Photo = Photography

ASSP-Arts = Brush- and Digital created Art & Liquid (fluid) paintings

ASSP -Travels Recommendations is still in its ‘baby-shoes’ and will be featured too on our new website, it is thought as network for tourism businesses, organisers, experience exchange, and it will also contain photographs and reviews of some of Sue’s own travels, and local news. Here one of her experiences:
The night in a Ghost town
One of Sue’s experiences after crossing the Nullabor Plains was the eerie night in a ghost town. That this doesn’t happen to you too we recommend to pre-book your nights here:
Wanna hear more about? Stay tuned ;)


Dear Sue,
Many many thanks for the wonderful photos you sent me once again, I have distributed them to as many guests I have in my address book and like my wife and I, I think you have captured the day wonderfully  with so much depth and range. I have sent them on to Balfour’s Bakery to thank them for their wide range of cakes they donated, but I am unable to find any of Vili’s pies, so if you have any one with a plate fully of there fantastic mini pies I could send them as a thank you, I would appreciate it very much.
Kind regards, Phil Mason.

Dear Sue, You will always be welcome to Merchant Navy services, we have two each year, September 3rd is our most important one and the second Sunday in July, which is our next memorial service, this is called Sea Sunday and is held at the Cheltenham cemetery in Chippingham Street every year. There are over 80 merchant seamen buried their and we have a memorial service in their honour, you are more than welcome to add this date into your diary. Regards, Phil

Good morning Sue. I also live in Springton so have spoken to David and he is happy for you to have his address. The photo of him in front of the tree that you forwarded to us is lovely. Regards, The Barossa Council 43-51 Tanunda Road NURIOOTPA SA

Need a smile?
We all need a smile from time to time don’t we? Sue decided to share here a picture she detected when browsing the Social Media pages, we can not name the creator of the funnies but we can say: IF ONE OF THEM WAS SNAPPED BY SUE WE’LL MENTION IT.

Unknown photographer – I bet Jimbo from WOW FM Radio 100.5 would like to have such much hair ROFL /
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Interesting Survey Result
Over 60% respondents of an survey said that their experience of galleries and art spaces was one of feeling unwelcome for children, families and parents.


In the spirit of Reconciliation ASSP acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country, and their connection to land, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures and customs, and to Elders past, present and emerging.
Sue thanks the Aboriginal friends throughout the whole country for their welcome during her travels, guidance, education, assistance and friendship,  your support made many of Sue’s photographs possible. 


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