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2pm-5pm –> at The British, Nelson St Port Adelaide


Exhibition Description:
Sue’s photographic work “Hart’s Mill Packing Shed”, a Finalist in the governments ‘Essence of Heritage’ will be presented.

Beside Heritage and History are presented:AnimalsArchitecturalFlowers, TreesMaritimeLandscapes4WDSunsets, and more. Venue and Artist did chose this works so every visitor from pint-size to adult, can enjoy the colourful range of Sue’s works.

To the artist:
Former Port Adelaide Art Gallery owner Sue Smith learned the art of photography and painting from her father, an Architect & Engineer with the love to the Arts. So her skills and love to the smell of concrete, the hustle and bustle of construction sitesheights, etc. are inherited from this wonderful man in combination of her beautiful mother’s genes who was rather outside than inside a house, feeding animals, enjoying the fruits and colours of her gardens whereas the love to water and ships developed by the two rivers where she did grow up.

Note: In the spirit of Christmas Sue reduced her princes until Christmas Eve, in addition parts of the proceeds are donated to The White Caravan Foundation and CareFlight Australia.

Special thanks to Ashley and his team for hosting the exhibition!



I recently entered in a local Photography & Video Competition by the South Australian Government Environment & Heritage Council and my photograph of the Harts Mill Packing Shed made it in the TOP 20 Finalists ;)

My thanks to everyone who gave me his/her vote in the Peoples Choice Award, sadly I had not enough votes to win the flight in a 1930 vintage plane, never mind, you can’t everything have in life.

14. Harts Mill Packing Shed, Port Adelaide - Sue Smith
14. Harts Mill Packing Shed, Port Adelaide – Sue Smith


November 2019: Art Exhibition – My Installation Story ;)

November is not only that it’s Sue’s birthday month :) but also the month of her 3rd exhibition since middle of July 2019. Installation of the exhibition was early morning of the 4th November at The British, 13 North Parade, Port Adelaide South Australia 5015, Australia and things didn’t go after plan when Max, Sue’s best and brotherly friend, recognised that we have not enough hooks for framed works.
What happened: the last venue who hired her Shakespeare Hanging System forgot to return the hooks so improvisation was needed, luckily Sue had enough laminated posters and photographic works with her and plenty of velcro so the problem could be solved.

As the official launch is on the 7th December 2pm (see above) we hope the hooks are returned so sold laminated works can be exchanged by other framed works, so it’s worth to come back to have a nice tasty meal The British has to offer and when you like to have your event or get-together have a chat to the friendly staff.

Reflection of Sue’s 2019 so far:
It’s a crazy but good year for ASSP-Photo & ASSP-Arts with three exhibitions in this 2019, more international awards, Finalist in the Governments Essence of Heritage competition, Sue’s 68th birthday – as a cancer survivor you learned to enjoy each year you are getting older -and the celebration of the launch of her last 2019 exhibition at The British with family and a few special friends.

In preview for the coming 2020 there’s on the plan to take a bit the speed off even if the first requests are on the table for further exhibitions. This stage everything depends if sponsors and a venue can be found for a huge exhibition of SA History dating back to the late 1940th. When you or someone you know is interested to be part of the project please send an email to sue@suesmithphotography.com.au – thank you.

Sue will be back here latest in December to give you an update on happenings in her life.sue@suesmithphotography.com.au

Seeing & Learning Tours

Sue combines a leisure walking tours through the historic heart of Port Adelaide and Queenstown with hands-on tips how to improve your photography in using the features on mobile phone cameras.
This educational tours are approx. 3 hours and suitable for all ages.
Your requests please via Facebook Messenger m.me/102600171140637

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ASSP-Photo / ASSP-Art your place in Adelaide for international awarded Photography, PaintedArt & DigitalArt to fair prices. Please support this local business

… a feathers in her Cap …

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP) is proud to announce that photographer, painting artist, exhibitor and writer Sue Smith received this month her 30+ international award.

After not much success in the home country – which may change after being finalist in the Governments Essence Of Heritage competition – Sue started middle of 2017 to enter international in judged competitions where hundreds of artists from around the world compete for the few awards in photography, painted art and craft.

Her newest award to the theme Seascape is a photograph she captured at South Australian the Limestone Coast. It was pouring cats & dogs and the small winded road slippery so she decided to wait it out at the next parking bay. Sitting in the car, looking to the gloomy sky and the dark grey sea it was like a fine strip of gold would have appeared where sand and water meet. It was like Greek Sirens calling her, so she got her camera wrapped in its raincoat and herself and walked as far as it was safe and here it was again this faint small strip of golden light in the dark. She remembered this photo, done years ago, entered it and got a Special Merit Award.
(Photo will be posted to a later stage.)

Two her Fluid Art works, created in an uncommon technique, stood out under hundreds of entries from around the world in the eyes of the judges in America .

Lake Eyre Floods was inspired and named after the 2019 floods of the Kati Thanda Lake Eyre.

The Sea Dragon” is actually depicting one of her three spirit animals: a seahorse. Our congratulations also to the buyer of the original artwork purchased during Sue’s solo exhibition in the 2nd half of July 2019, apologies again for “gate-crashing” the birthday celebration with the good news.

Here now this awarded works:

The Sea Dragon” is actually depicting one of her three spirit animals: a seahorse. Our congratulations also to the buyer of the original artwork purchased during Sue’s solo exhibition in the 2nd half of July 2019, apologies again for “gate-crashing” the birthday celebration with the good news.
SOLD 7/2019
Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre
Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre Floods was inspired and named after the 2019 floods
of the Kati Thanda Lake Eyre.

What you may like to know about Sue SmithAdelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® you can find here:


Drop us a line after 11am to 0412924696 or email to info.ssmith@gmail.com

Art & Craft
Currently for Sale / Lease

All works by Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® can be purchased or leased by individuals, agencies, interior designers and other businesses in any finish wished and any possible size up to Grand-Format for your home, office, foyer, club etc.

Drop us a line after 11am to 0412924696 or email to info.ssmith@gmail.com or Facebook Messenger :

Sue’s social Engagement = support for a good cause so as preservation of the past (Clipper Ship ‘City Of Adelaide’) – RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service – CF Care Flight – Women – Health

Public Photography-Donation by Sue SmithAdelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® to the Board of the Clipper Ship City Of Adelaide

Australian-wide Giant Garage Sale Trail

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® participated this year in the OZ-wide Giant Garage Sale Trail weekend 19th – 20th October 2019 with a big range on commercial and domestic items from little things to bigger ones – for pint-size kids to us oldies, Clothing (some brand-new), CollectablesGiftsHome-DecorElectronicsOffice needs, Toys, Arts, and much more.

We pledged to donate 20% of the sales to the RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service SA/NT despite not reaching the target we donated today AUD60, if you too like to donate here the support link

We’ll donate unsold clothes to an organisation which supports directly people in need so as homeless women.

One of Sue’s experiences after crossing the Nullabor Plains was the eerie night in a ghost town. That this doesn’t happen to you too we recommend to pre-book your nights here: https://www.hotelscombined.com.au/

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SHOP INTERIOR for Sale / Swap for office furniture may be possible – Pin-Pay available

Pin-Pay available
Display 2 display cabinets with storage and energy-saving LED lights FOR SALECabinets
2 display cabinets with storage and energy-saving LED lights FOR SALE

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® Photogallery

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® presents some works by ASSP-Photo, ASSP-Arts & ASSP-Digi

Corps Flower

Before following the topics above I have to share a short video clip with you as I had the chance again to be invited by an Adelaide friend to photograph this extreme stinky blossom in her backyard.
Photographers around the world line up in the Botanic Garden Adelaide just to get a photo of this short natures spectacle whereas I have to go only on a short walk. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment on Facebook and Twitter and feel free to share. Sue x


©Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® presents Sue’s photographic documentation of the

The traditional Frog Cupcake
Wanna know it’s story: http://www.worldwidewords.org/weirdwords/ww-tab1.htm
Salute – assp-port-adelaide-photography-merchant-navy-day-2018-port-adelaide

International Merchant Navy Day

Link to the MERCHANT NAVY DAY 2019 photographs by Sue – ASSP-Photo:


Interesting Survey Result
Over 60% respondents of an survey said that their experience of galleries and art spaces was one of feeling unwelcome for children, families and parents.

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In the spirit of Reconciliation ASSP acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country, and their connection to land, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures and customs, and to Elders past, present and emerging.
Sue thanks the Aboriginal friends throughout the whole country for their welcome during her travels, guidance, education, assistance and friendship,  your support made many of Sue’s photographs possible. 


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