Ready for aerial mapping of the Flinders Ranges South Australia

Ready for the Aerial Mapping of the Flinders ranges South Australia

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ASSP-Photo is the short version of the registered business Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP). Originally Sue was concentrating on photography but the opening of ASSP-Gallery Port Adelaide gave her not much time for photography at all: there was the multitude of exhibitions, photography workshops, live paintings, art workshop, and a lot of administrative work to do include education of pre-school groups with their young teachers, and guiding job experience students. Her own photographs were, except of two, exhibited in external galleries.
During one of the art workshops Sue took for the first time since many years again a brush in her hand. This painting of a red ship was ordered by a visitor of her gallery and picked up after it finish. So the ‘painting bug’ took over and even her counter had to serve as ‘canvas’.
Sadly one day an incident happened which impacted Sue’s health and with a heavy heart she followed the Specialists advise to close the gallery for good. It needed a whole year of grief before she was able to walk past her former place and still nowadays she makes rather a detour. Wounds heal but not always our mind and soul. Do you agree?

After Rain comes Sunshine
Back in Photography and Arts Sue was listening to her fans and clients and started to enter her works in local and international competitions which soon made her a multi awarded recipient of national and international awards for her photography and her visual art :
* 2019 Sue was ranked 10 of 15 international Top photographers for her study of the Adelaide Mall
Spheres (Balls)
* 2019 Finalist in the SA Government Department for Environment and Water in
Essence of Heritage” competition with her photographic detail study inside the Port Adelaide
Hart’s Mill Packing Shed” see:
YouTube Awards Event Video 0:48 / 1.08 )

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-> FAMILY & LIVINGLet us accompany you and your family from birth to the last farewell – and in case something goes wrong:
-> we do INSURANCE photography & Wedding Fiasco-Recovery too
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Wanna know how Sue got hooked on Photography, visual Art and Writing?

Sue was introduced to photography and the Arts by her father, an Architect and Engineer, before she could stay on her own feet. Sue loved to watch him drawing building plans, visiting with him the sites, loved the atmosphere there and the smell of the materials especially concrete. One day when her daddy met a client in the other room little Sue took her crayons and when her daddy came back he found his construction plan coloured in – a deep breath and he continued the finalisation of the plan which had to be early in the morning at the government office in the city.
Later the day he took me on his side and taught me how to it right and from then on he delivered to government and clients construction plans coloured-in by his pint-size girl. It was also Sue’s daddy who introduced her also to the photography as his little girl enjoyed each second watching him in the darkroom, was excited to see pictures developing, and he also taught her how to make copies of his construction plans. Well, it was the time without plotters, scanners, copy machines.
When Sue turned 4 she got her first camera: her daddy’s Leica, since then she captures the world around her, this even during the years when she was after a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver, wheelchair bound and needed reconstruction of her leg.

The love to literature and writing started with the little Pixie books she got from the Salamander Shoe Shop in town. When she was able to read them by herself it was a Max & Moritz book she loved, the Tales by the Grimm Brothers, and the “Schimmelreiter” by Theodor Storm. Later at school she liked the works of the romantic poets. Also influenced she got from the seeing the house where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe around the corner where her grandparents of der daddy’s site of the family was living. Opposite their place lived during his travels Hermann Hesse, when there little Sue often abandoned her grandma’s yummy spiced cake to wait for the wave he gave her. Her preferred book by him was later in her life the “Steppenwolf”.

Our Activities – in Photography and the Arts

  • AWARDS: New international awards for Sue in photography, paintings and Abstract Art.
  • Website for ASSP-Photo: after health related delays March 2022 is the month where our new website get launched even if there is still some work in the background to do.
  • CHILDREN’S BOOK: there are delays also in the launch of Sue’s new children’s book, this as it seems impossible these days to get reliable volunteers.
  • FACEBOOK: We are still considering to leave this platform with our business pages as to many trolls are annoying and waste our precious time. You can find us on Google, My Business, LinkedIn and many more social platforms.
  • In memory of good old ASSP-Gallery fashion Subscribers will have the chance in random draws during the year to win shopping vouchers, Art prints, and more. Dates and items will be published in the Newsletters.

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Link to Sue’s BIOGRAPHY as an ARTIST :

"Christchurch NZ..."  
International Award
ASSP-Photo catalogue Travels

CHRISTCHURCH NZ during a rainy day..

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Structural, Industrial, Machinery, Equipment, Transport, Marketing, Heritage and much more:
Sue’s passion and love to heritage & history photography goes also back to the cradle as her forebears was master-builders and many of their buildings dating 1520, 1794, Mid 1800 are declared Cultural Monuments and still in use, one of the churches they build 1445 changed not long ago the owner.

Sue was participant in the South Australian Heritage Competition and Finalist with her study of the Hart’s Mill Packing Shed Port Adelaide.

Capturing the stages of life in professional photographs makes a difference even if the mobile phone cameras get year by year better – we are happy to explain you the difference. Let us accompany you and your family from birth to the last farewell.

Photo by Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP) abbr. ASSP-Photo

To answer a question we get ask often: ‘Memorial‘ is rather frequently used in the collocation ‘memorial service’. Both are remembrance events used to remember a certain matter or person, especially in relation to the deceased. The difference lies in when the remembrance event takes place. A ‘memorial service’ is held a short while right after the deceased passed away whilst a ‘commemoration‘ is to mark or celebrate important occasions at an anniversary (often in a later year).

Bagpipe -  Farewell
Bagpipe – Farewell

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What is Pareidolia? (pronounced para-dole-eia)
Famous Old Masters used Pareidolia when visual stimuli results in inspiration, and this is what makes some of Salvadore Dali‘s paintings so magical. Leonardo da Vinci described seeing characters in natural markings on stone walls, which he believed could help inspire his artworks. Pareidolia is the tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning where there is none. We think the best explanation you find here:

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