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Two important public Events you shouldn’t miss:
Monday 2nd March &
Saturday 9th May 2020

2nd to 31 March 2020 the SA Heritage Council presents works by the Finalists of the “Essence of Heritage” competition to the public.

EXHIBITION LAUNCH: Monday 2nd March – 5PM to 6.30PM
Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre, Foyer F, North Tce Adelaide

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)R is proud to announce that its owner, freelance photographer, painting & digital creating artist, exhibitor and writer Sue Smith is one of the Finalists with one photograph of her structural detail study in the Hart’s Mill Packing Shed.

RFDS Annual “Wings For Life” Fundraising event with Auction

Lights, camera, action!

A Night in Hollywood

We donated for the RFDS Fundraising Auction:

Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre Floods

Hart’s Mill Packing Shed
FINALIST ‘Essence of Heritage’ Competition by the SA Heritage Council. The work is a structural study of a series done inside the heritage listed Hart’s Mill Packing Shed, Port Adelaide SA 5050
FINALIST * CERTIFIED, A2 MAPLAND PRINT * BLOCK-MOUNTED by BLUE EXPRESSION FRAMING, Semaphore Rd, Ethelton SA which charged the material only as their support of this RFDS Fundraising Auction.

Now it’s on you to join us in the support of the RFDS in bidding high on our works – it could be you who one day needs the help of the RFDS which is only possible thanks the generous support by people like you!

Our AUCTION ITEM 1: Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre Floods

Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre
Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre
Lake Eyre Floods was inspired and named after the 2019 floods
of the Kati Thanda Lake Eyre.

Our AUCTION ITEM 2: Hart’s Mill Packing Shed

Hart's Mill Packing Shed
SA Heritage Finalist ” Hart’s Mill Packing Shed “

Part of Sue’s works as Freelance Photographer is #structural and #forensic photography. Her entered work from inside the “Hart’s Mill Packing Shed” in this State Heritage building at Port Adelaide is part of this category.
There is only an edition of two block-mounted A2 Mapland prints plus our private print exemplar.

A Night in Hollywood
Losing or Keeping – that’s here the question

After speaking “doctor” Sue needs all your love and blessings as it may be possible to regain her eyesight. She is on the Emergency list for the surgery, with luck to the RFDS Ball she may be able to see which would change the world, not only about the vision but also having the Damocles Sword of possible “Blindness” no longer over her head.
My left eye:
The left eye is very bad, it’s the one I always from very little on had problems, on the farm I was raised the #rooster got me, I have a scar but all I got told about the accident was “luckily you did not lose your eye” and that the rooster immediately landed in the soup-pot.
My right Eye:
This was a cowardly act of #domestic violence with skull fracture, crashed eye-socket, a piece of this socket pierced the eyeball from the rear, and there is still a gap in my cheekbone which could not completely be reconstructed.
When someone recognised some crooked photos: yes this is how I normally see when photographing but from little one I learned the angle to hold the camera that I get it right but sometimes I don’t and sometimes I straighten such photos in my GIMP (*) but sometimes I publish them in the hope to get a feedback and can be able to help someone who have such problems too.

(*) GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software, you can change its source code and distribute your changes.
Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customisation options and 3rd party plugins
. https://www.gimp.org/

Interim Photo-Gallery:

Sue’s International awarded works are published on YouTube and are also accessible at https://www.lightspacetime.art/gallery-archives/exhibition-archives-2/

Maritime: Ships, Yachts & Waterbirds

Donation by Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® to the Clipper Ship City Of Adelaide
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Congratulations-246x300.jpg

MORE of the photo gallery will follow as advised.
Thankyou for your patience.

Special thanks to Ashley Coulls and his team at #TheBritishPortAdelaide for hosting my #soloexhibition from 4th November 2019 to 3rd February 2020 and supporting us in the attempt to raise funds for the KI fire victims, sadly we were not successful in this :'(

Sue’s Biography & Life Story:

Former ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide owner Sue Smith learned the art of photography and painting from her father, an Architect & Engineer with the love to the Arts. So her skills and love to the smell of concrete, the hustle and bustle of construction sitesheights, etc. are inherited from this wonderful man in combination of her beautiful mother’s genes who was rather outside than inside a house, feeding animals, enjoying the fruits and colours of her gardens whereas the love to water and ships developed by the two rivers where she did grow up.

We did ask to Sue’s Influences, here what she told us:

As mentioned in my biography it was my daddy who was my primary influence in life. He was not only a wonderful person and a great photographer but also a brilliant Engineer and Architect, loved the nature around us, the environment, the water and the the ships. This are all ‘ingredients’ reflecting in my photography and Art. My father also introduced from my early years on to culture and literature. Two of Germany’s great owned houses in the neighbourhood of the place he did grow up: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, when I was last in Germany a plaque on the building he lived and resided during his travels remembered of him. Even if this famous writer was long past away it was another influence in my life.  

Another influencer in my life was Hermann Hesse, his home was immediate opposite the place my daddy was raised. When we visited my grandparents I was always leaning by the window to get a glimpse of him. 
A few years after his dead on the 9th August 1962 I felt devastated as his house had to make place for a highway. This experience influenced my interest in history and my aim keeping the history alive in my photographs.

Another writer with a big influence on me and my life was not the the Grimm Brothers as you may expect but a writer far up in the north of the German country: Theodor Storm. His masterpiece in the big book I carried always with me “The Schimmelreiter” stirred my love to horses.

Even if during the ups and downs of my life were many inspiring people but my most important influences in my life from early childhood to now are still my father and the three writers

Sue’s Life, her Bio, her CV:

National Heritage Award 2019 and multi International Awards recipient Sue Smith, owner of Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®  [short: ASSP-PhotoASSP-Arts, ASSP-Digi-Art and ASSP-Travels]  is a Australian citizen in her 60th of German descent. She was taught photography by her father who gifted her one of his cameras to her  4th birthday. He was her inspiration not only in photography but drawings and life, too.

A traffic accident left Sue for a long time wheelchair-bound; in the rehabilitation clinic she got friend to an established watercolour artist who got her mentor and teacher of new techniques. 

Sue’s first painting, a large maritime scene, was -still wet- purchased by a business owner visiting a friend. Other works she learned during rehab were watercolours on rice papergraphical crayon works and more which were bought and sold by her mentors friend in her art gallery in Paris. Sue also gave oils a go but her lungs couldn’t cope with the smell.

Sue’s colourful works show the world around us, from animal portraits to aerial photographs, from land to water, from environmental and social issues to painted emotions and fun projects – amd more, not to forget her above mentioned national and international awarded photographs in colourblack-white  and sepia and her Brush- and Digital created painted Art

She sustained in 2008 another freaky accident which left her with multiple mobility restricting disabilities and as a consequence of not being able to live her active life and the impact this massive change also had on her partner and his life she decided after a few years to battle the depression and anxiety alone with help of her medical team. It was her psychiatrist who brought her back behind a camera even if this was a little pocket herra. Over the time Dr Loukas got her biggest critique and it was him too with his persistence and encouragement who made her to go for a few weeks to Queensland to withdraw from the morphine medications.

During her time as an Art Gallery owner it was this her own experiences which she shared with the people of all ages in same or similar situations as she was. Over the time her business was not only frequented by Art Lovers but also by everyone who needed an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, understanding, a hug.

Having survived leucemiaskincancer surgeries and removal of a large tumour a new health scare is like a Damocles Sword above her head: the possibility to get blind when the medicine doesn’t find a way to treat cataracts on eyes where domestic violence or accidents make the common way to fix the lenses impossible.

We think you understand now why Sue likes to give back the good she experienced when she was in emergency situations or needed help and supports charities with parts from art sales – or as in case of our SA fires a whole exhibition to 100% of the sales income.

She also does part with the one or other of her works to charity and worthy causes for auctions so as the upcoming RFDS auction.

AWARDS: more feathers in her Cap

Sue is a Freelance Photographer and creator of painted & digital created Art Sue Smith and supporter of Charities.

As Sue’s #FluidPainting created without any help and in an uncommon procedure, is donated to the #RoyalFlyingDoctorService #internationalawarded#fluidpainting #KatiThandaLakeEyre is now only available as #artprints in an edition of 5/5 each in two sizes, details and price requests please by email..

What you may like to know about Sue SmithAdelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® you can find here:


All works by Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® can be purchased or leased by individuals, agencies, interior designers and other businesses in any finish wished and any possible size up to LargeFormatPrints and Grand-FormatPrints for your home, office, foyer, club etc.

Drop us a line after 11am to 0412924696 or email to info.ssmith@gmail.com or Facebook Messenger :

Sue’s social Engagement

Sue’s social Engagement = support for a good cause so as preservation of the past (Clipper Ship ‘City Of Adelaide’) – RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service – CF Care Flight – Women – Health

Please support this local business with <3

The night in a Ghost town
One of Sue’s experiences after crossing the Nullabor Plains was the eerie night in a ghost town. That this doesn’t happen to you too we recommend to pre-book your nights here:

Art & Craft for Sale / Lease

ASSP-Photo / ASSP-Art your place in Adelaide for international awardedPhotography, PaintedArt & DigitalArt to fair prices.

SHOP INTERIOR for Sale/Lease

Pin-Pay available
Display 2 display cabinets with storage and energy-saving LED lights FOR SALECabinets
2 display cabinets with storage and energy-saving LED lights FOR SALE

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® presents some works by ASSP-Photo, ASSP-Arts & ASSP-Digi


After Sue’s decision not to have a solo exhibition in 2020 we offer her handcrafted lightweight exhibition frames for hiring to low rates .

We artists spend a lot of money in frames to show our works in exhibitions and art shows. The selling rate in South Australia is very low (it doesn’t matter if you are established or emerging) so the stack of framed works grows and grows and in the end the artist has to rent a storage place.

The other problem artists have to face is that every exhibition/show you enter the risk of frame or artwork damage is increasing.Please contact Sue for details:
Facebook Messenger m.me/102600171140637

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)® Photogallery (will be updated soon)

Corps Flower

Before following the topics above I have to share a short video clip with you as I had the chance again to be invited by an Adelaide friend to photograph this extreme stinky blossom in her backyard.
Photographers around the world line up in the Botanic Garden Adelaide just to get a photo of this short natures spectacle whereas I have to go only on a short walk. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment on Facebook and Twitter and feel free to share. Sue x


Link to the MERCHANT NAVY DAY 2019 photographs by Sue – ASSP-Photo:


Interesting Survey Result
Over 60% respondents of an survey said that their experience of galleries and art spaces was one of feeling unwelcome for children, families and parents.

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Sue thanks the Aboriginal friends throughout the whole country for their welcome during her travels, guidance, education, assistance and friendship,  your support made many of Sue’s photographs possible. 


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