21th July 2018
Media Release                             For immediate release

New challenges for Port Adelaides multiple award recipient Sue Smith previous owner of ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide

The legal head of the ASSP has always been the Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®  but modern times make us go new ways so we worked since closing of the ASSP Gallery on a new concept for our business. 

In the new structure the focus of ASSP-PHOTO is Architecture, Industrial and Aerial Photography, categories where Sue’s works in the past and current gained international recognition and awards.   (Link to Sue’s biography below.)

The Arts still has its place in the new structure with ASSP-ARTS. As Sue is also a painting artist she is very proud that her first watercolour painting since forty years with the title  “Journey of the Soul” gained an international award, it tells the story of our all life.  [See link below] Another watercolour painting by Sue, “Hexenhaeuschen – Gingerbread House“, is loved by old and young and was minutes after publishing purchased by a company as screensaver. Currently the artist is working on several works include 3D, ceramic paintings and two little wooden trains.
ASSP-Arts is continuing the social engagement where the ASSP Gallery was known for. Sue is mentoring and supporting artists with a mental or bodily disability (she herself has a mobility disability) and the Youth.
The “Annual ASSP-Youth-Awards” will be reinstalled from 2019 on, in the last quarter 2018 the invitation will be send to our local schools. VENUES interested in hosting this not-for-profit event are asked to contact Sue for the details.

ASSP-Tourism too did undergo a restructure. We will continue to promote the  Tourism South Australia  and where available adding our own photo material to places we recommend. Tourism businesses which like to be included in the new website to come before end of 2018 are asked to contact us as soon as possible to be included.
New are our guided tours by Kelly and her team focused on Port Adelaide and its suburbs and its deep history, this tours can be booked by everyone even if our 
focus are the visitors in need of a carer, and on solo travellers.
We are also able to guide or co-guide our network partners tour offers from day-trips to a week.
As mentioned above the new tourism website is currently under construction and will be going online shortly, in the meantime all informations and offers will be published on the existing website. 

Our Social Engagement

We are supporter of a variety of social groups.

Sue’s donating from time to time Art she creates or works she owns or her time for special social events  (see Clipper Ship City Of Adelaide) .

Sue donated after the unveiling of the Code of Arms by Lord Mayor Haese in front of the media her framed photographic work “1864 – The Porthole” which is placed inside the ship by the said porthole which she  captured in a free second during her booking to document the visit by His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le and Mrs Lan Le on the ship.

Sue is owner of a 60+ years World History collection, one of this photos she donated to the National Railway Museum Port Adelaide
Volunteers assisting in preservation and preparation of this fragile collection are needed and Venues interested to host this rare works of world history before it travels the world are asked to contact Sue or the office for details.



Email: sue@suesmithphotography.com.au
Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®
PO Box 3270, Port Adelaide SA 5015

Email: kelly.assp.tours@gmail.com   or   assp.tours@gmail.com
Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)®
PO Box 3270, Port Adelaide SA 5015

Office: 8240 2686 during business hours 11am-4pm  Mobile: 0412 924 696

If we are unable to answer immediately please send sms with your name and phone number and we return your call as soon as possible.

Journey of the Soul” on Awards page:

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