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Kathy’s adventure with Photography began in Sydney as a young woman of 17, her move into this artistic and creative world took their formative steps as a technician in a photographic laboratory, where she grew an appreciation of photographs from humble home and holiday snaps. This appreciation grew into her love of capturing every day images and creating stunning end results which are presented for your pleasure in this collection.

Learning her craft Kathy developed incredible skills and knowledge of the techniques and styles from the thousands of photographs she processed every day.

In the early years she began developing a reputation as a highly skilled colour correction technician, it was evident to those she worked with that Kathy’s talents could be used to enhance visual images with a sophisticated touch, not only enhancing the negatives with colour corrections, but soon to offering much sought after advice for her intense and keen sense of detail and the ability to define the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Kathy soon began managing a Photographic processing studio in Sydney, where her passion for delivering the best final product gave her a following from some of the finest amateur photographers in and around the environs of Sydney.

A move to Adelaide in 1998 involved Kathy once again within the Photographic Industry.

Kathy was snapped up by a leading Adelaide photographic firm Festival Photos where she assisted photographers at numerous venues in and around Adelaide.

At the same time Kathy was invited to a leading private photography company where her talents and vivacious nature were utilized, once again her capacity was of an assistant. During her time at these two companies Kathy’s passion and keen eye for capturing the unique grew and grew.

In 2003 Kathy embarked out into her own company with her husband Peter. Engraving Services Co was where Kathy immediately began stamping her artistic and eclectic eye on the imaging processes the company was developing.

That industry had allowed Kathy to find new and amazing pathways to developing her passion and soon the world of Photographic Sublimation and using engraving in a more artistic fashion beckoned.

A major setback occurred with Kathy’s health in 2011 when she suffered a stroke and her ability to remain intrinsically involved in the company took a back seat, during her time of convalescence, Kathy took up her photography with passion once more and began a series of incredibly popular collections of Adelaide, which she only shared with friends and family. Since then Kathy has begun experimenting with the metal printing processes whereby her stunning images are printed onto a range of metal surfaces and hence that path has led her to this stunning collection of both photographic and metal printed images, a novelty never before seen in Australia.

This collection is part of her series from Blupebbleroad Studios, the home of Kathy’s very individual style photography.




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