Sue at work by Max E Miller – Narracorte Caves

Sue Smith is a South Australian photographer and painting artist who is known for her shots of nature, heritage, industrial and structural subjects. Her use of light, angles and natural colour makes her work stunningly authentic and gained her national and international awards.

Growing up in Western Germany, Sue inherited the photography & Arts by her father, an architect, civil engineer and photographer. Sue describes her photography as “painting with a camera”, rather than a canvas. She says: “Just like a painting you consider the colours, composition, elements and effects of light and shadows, and often you have only a split-second.”

In front of the cameras when she was signed by a modelling agency for Brides wear and shoes, whilst modelling she was introduced to an advertising agency working on a TV commercial. After accepting that spot her acting career started with roles in films, and a guest role at the Wiesbaden Staatstheater Kleines Haus, later followed by movies, TV Travel Shows, etc.

Behind the camera, Sue started her career as a freelance photojournalist for newspapers and a leading Youth Magazine. Her works primarily focused on interviews and photos of musicians before, during and after concerts, to name some of them: Freddy Quinn, Peter Alexander, Udo Juergens, Peter Maffay, Freddie Mercury, The Lords, but also Sports great and film stars, some of them she did worked with during her own time with the movies and TV, others she had the luck to be invited like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton at the Swiss ski paradise Davos.

After Sue had emigrated to Australia, travelled the country and settled, she continued her career as a photographer, won some merits during her time with a photography club. The first Australian competition she entered in was November 2009 “Urban Bird Life” which was s followed by a 24-hours challenge by the Advertiser Newspaper.

The first exhibition she entered one of her works was at the RSAYS Royal Australian Yacht Squadron Outer Harbor with a photographs showing history & modern navigation technic, followed by South Australia’s leading Art Shows, Arts Festivals, and Solo-Exhibitions.

Mid 2014 Sue established the Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP) Gallery in Port Adelaide SA where she presented photography and painting exhibitions by Aboriginal artists, Schools, Local artists, and artists with special needs. She encouraged encourage others to express their emotions through photography and art. This became a passion and launched her into other roles such as curator, supervisor and artist manager. During this time Sue presented only twice some of her own works.

In early 2019, Sue was ranked by the American Light Space Time Online Gallery as 10th out of top 15 international top photographers for her award-winning version of the Adelaide Mall Spheres (aka The Balls).

Also in 2019: Sue organised and presented as pre-SALA Festival event her solo Art Show with more than 160 photographs and a few paintings at an hired gallery space.

This followed Sue’s next 150+ works Solo Exhibition at The British Hotel in Port Adelaide, which ran from and from 3th November 2019 to February 2020 with rotating photographs.

Followed by “Artist Of The Month” the Port Adelaide Enfield Council VIC showing 34 photographs of the Port River Dolphins, and important local history of Now and Then.

In November 2019 Sue’s photographic study of a local heritage building, the “Harts Mill Packing Shed”, was a finalist in the South Australian Government ‘“Essence of Heritage” Photo/Video Competition in November 2019. This work was then presented by the Government at the Adelaide Convention Centre until COVID-19 puts an hold on our world.

After lifting of restrictions and the travel ban the work could be seen during October-November 2020 at the Adelaide Airport.

Unfortunately Sue has had since birth a number of accidents causing health issues throughout her life, but these have also shaped her art and her passion for connecting with people and her dedication to support organisations in the health like the RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service, Care Flight, etc.

As a national and international award winner Sue has received multiple accolades for her photography. Although she has a range of cameras to choose from the majority of the awarded works are captured with an Olympus SP-550UZ and a Pentax-X5. While she mainly worked with Nikon dSLR cameras and Kodak Film the impact of a shoulder injury with sensory issues in the fingertips from an accident required her to change to the lightweight digital equipment.

Sue is based in the picturesque Port Adelaide with it’s Port River dolphins, home of maritime history, the worlds oldest Clipper Ship “City Of Adelaide”, three major museums, heritage buildings, Birds Sanctuary, and lots of holiday activities just a few minutes drive from Adelaide the capital city of South Australia.

She works with both private and commercial clients and prefers to work outdoors as much as possible. Sue is hired for a wide range of subjects from structural and engineering detail works to work places, vehicles, and home.

What makes Sue stand out against the multitude of photographers and artists around the world is her network of partners which enables to offer her works in any finishing and size for both: commercial and domestic use. Contact: