APRIL 11, 2022 AT 3:31 PMREPLY

Hi Kate, how exciting this is !!!
I bet I would not get a Pinhole Camera assembled where I not even get an archive box together. Never mind!

Your blog post remembered me during the time when in front of the cameras at Cuba. Sure as that a clause in my contract prevented me from doing photographs on the set and sites we visited. Psst .. I always had one with me! it was the time when the first cassette cameras came on the market and was a good-selling product, easy to use and a range of .
Kodak had short after developed a clip which juse covered the lens, was easy to hide in your hand and pocket. To get the right exposure you did choose the ISO you needed.

One of the sets was at the property and around the house of one of my preferred Writers: Ernest Hemingway. After we was finish for the day at this set we was allowed to explore the place under the eagle-eyes of armed guides and the warning that photographing was forbidden and non-compliance would result with several months jail. It was a challenge looking down to the water where his yacht anchored, the one on which he wrote his novel “The Old Man and The Sea” and most to look from outside through the open windows in the house, all so as if Hemingway is still living there. In the end the photographer & adventurer inside me made me using “my Spy Camera” pretending to put wisps of hair in its right position, to sneeze, etc. so I got a few photos done – undetected.

As so often there are things in your life where you regret things so as I did after being back from Cuba, showing the photos to the Magazine and the Newspapers I worked for as a Freelance PhotoJournalist, and even if I didn’t need the money I sold them in the end to the highest paying publisher I mainly worked for. The whole set of (then) once in a lifetime photos! And as a new challenge waited for me over the following years I missed to get copies of them.

Cheer, Sue