Biography Sue Smith Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP) Recipient of multiple international awards in photography, watercolours and computer-created art Sue was born in the early 50’s in Germany. Since early childhood she was fascinated to scroll through photo albums, artwork magazines and watching her daddy working in the darkroom. Sue was four years old as… Read More

ARTIST STATEMENT SUE SMITH – RECIPIENT OF MULTIPE INTERNATIONAL AWARDS Originally a photographer I recently started again to express my feelings in paintings. Even if I don’t hesitate showing in my photography environmental problems in my watercolours, drawings and digital paintings I’m inclined to show in bold colours the beauty around us. My watercolour painting… Read More

When we  mention in one breath a few things like BAVARIAN SCHLOSS HISTORY OF VINES  STEPPING STONE OF WINE MAKING 5 STAR WINERY and SALA 2018 VENUE then we are telling you about the CHATEAU TANUNDA The Château was built in the late 1880‘s and is home to some of the earliest planting of vines in… Read More