Who is Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)R and what means ASSP ?

As we often get ask lets start with ASSP :
It’s the abbreviation of our long business name ;)
Besides it’s handy to use this abbreviation for our divisions
* ASSP-Photo * ASSP-Arts * ASSP-Digi-Art

What you should know about Adelaides

ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide

…is recipient of multiple international awards for photography,  painted and digital created Art

…is regular participant at Art Festivals, Exhibitions and Competitions local, interstate and world

…that nearly all of Sue’s works are related to the four elements of Western Culture (air, earth, fire, water)

…that nearly all of Sue’s works are related to the five elements of Taoism (earth, metal, water, wood, fire)

…that Sue does not shy away to show environmental and social issues.

The World Becomes a Rubbish Dump
The World … A Rubbish Dump