Gift for a Special Person or Occasion            Ever thought about to give someone very close to you a special present which they can enjoy daily over the next decades? Here some suggestions for presents which set you apart from others: Pet lovers You could order a painting of the kind of animal they like… Read More

Minister Fifield – Message ASSP Gallery ORDER-FORM_PAEPLS  … Read More

Start early buying for Christmas We present you here some items which we think it were a nice Christmas present or investment object. Even if are open until Christmas Eve 3pm we recommend to start buying your gifts early as we all how stressful the last days before Christmas can turn. If you are looking… Read More

G’day, we publish here for you every month our Newsletter to keep you informed what happened and is happening at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide. You can get involved! You have a special event you like to share with the world? You like us to share your photographs of this event with the world? Don’t hesitate… Read More

Public Comments to ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide   Hi Sue, great meeting you on Friday at the launch, brilliant photography and an enjoyable get together. The gallery in an exciting venture and the sort of thing Port Adelaide needs as it tries to draw more people to the area.… Read More