Art for the Small Wallet


Sue and the team she works with understand that not everyone has the money to get an exclusive work of art on the wall, so the decision to have some common prints and merchandise to prices even a low-income earner can afford.

When handling this prints carefully and keep in mind that they are not printed on UV resistant paper, not sealed and don’t hang on a place with direct sunlight then you can enjoy your print a long time.
An additional protection is to get your print laminated.


Class LB-1:
The price for this kind of A3 prints is AUD15 each, postage Australia-wide included.
This prints have an edition of 50-75.

Class LB-2:

Maybe you like to ask your family, friends, colleagues if they are interested in stocking up for future presents?
When bulk buying 10 of the same A3 prints you pay only AUD100 include Australian-wide free shipping.
This prints have an edition of 50-75.


More Class descriptions follow.





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