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Reflection to a VIP visit of Sue’s “Australian Outback and Red Centre” exhibition


It was very exciting news one morning as Sue found an email by the Governor House in her mailbox: the announcement that His Excellency The Governor of South Australia and his wife are interested in visiting Sue’s Australian Outback and Red Centre exhibition.

Even if politicians were usual visitors of the gallery this visit was a different calibre, things had to be organised,  the protocol had to be learned and rehearsals took place.

Additional security messures for the high profile guests were taken, the parking lot in front of the building was condoned up for the guests fleet. The Mayor of Port Adelaide was informed about the details of the visit.
Flowers for Mrs Le was ordered for delivered on the early morning of the visit.

All seemed to be fine until the email arrived that His Excellency has to attend on short notice an other event but Mrs Le would visit and Sue was asked to give her the same honor and follow the protocol.

OMG I was a bundle of nerves on the morning of the visit, did go over and over again through the protocol, rehearsed the welcome and my speech. This settled as the security guard arrived but flared up again as the information arrived tof the arrival time in a few minutes.

Well, the security took their place and so did I. Still no Mayor in sight, still no photographer arrived and I see the motorcade coming. My brain kept saying “Sue stay cool, stay cool, all will be fine” little it did know…

Strictly following the protocol I met Mrs Le by the car, welcomed her and her aide and guided Mrs Le to the entrance of the gallery where luckily my media advisor and the Mayor had arrived but still not the photographer.

Well, everything went fine and after protocol as I realised the flowers for Mrs Le was on its place but I forgot to get the present for His Excellency from the printer.

It was a nice visit and went very casual as Mayor Gary Johanson and Mrs Le did know each other from previous events.



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ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide thanks Mrs Lan Le for the honour in visiting Sue’s “Australian Outback” exhibition, Mrs Le’s Team, especially the GV Protocol Team for the support in assist Sue in protocol questions. Thanks also to the Port Adelaide Enfield Council Mayor Gary Johanson for attending at Mrs Le’s visit, to Christina who made this memorable photograph and to our Mayor’s team for emailing the photograph to Sue. .


Screenshot of a part of the “Australian Outback” exhibition photographs:

Australian Outback Exhibition



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