Photographer: Max E Miller

Sue at Work – Narracorte Caves

Short Biography Sue Smith
Recipient of multiple international awards in photography, watercolours and computer-created art

Sue was born in the 50’s in Germany. Since early childhood she was fascinated to scroll through photo albums, artwork magazines and watching her daddy working in the darkroom.

Sue was four years old as she got her first camera and after being back from photowalks with her father, an architect and engineer, she couldn’t await being in the darkroom and seeing him developing her work. It seems she did well as her daddy began to teaching her proper in photography and the development of her works. This times were the foundation stone of Sue’s career when she decided to set her focus for earning a living on Architectural, Industrial and Aerial Photography.

One station in her working life was freelance photojournalist (newspapers, youth magazines). One of her concert photographs got album cover of a then popular music star. This years intensified the stories her photos was -and are- telling.

Carefree times followed times where Sue had to realise that life is ‘no walk in the park’, private events made it impossible doing good photos so she was creating paintings which was for her a better outlet to cope through the times of grief.

Despite some deep hits one thing since her early years has never changed: her passion for the beauty of the world around us which she shows us in her photographs, but she also does not hesitate to capture environmental and humanity problems.

What also hasn’t changed is her sense of justice, caring for the people around her, the sick or handicaped, the ones with mental health problems, the youth, and our environment.

She is a narrator, a dreamer, a thinker and when her works draw the viewers into the now, make them slowing down, seeing, recognising, feeling emotions, relating their own stories to her works then Sue has reached her goal.

Until her semi-retirement in January 2018 Sue owned the ASSP Gallery Gallery Port Adelaide. She had in 2016 two 8-weeks solo exhibitions, several displays, 2018 participant in the Flagstaff Hill and Campbelltown Art Shows, is first time not as a venue but as artist participating in the SALA Festival (two venues), she is exhibitor at the upcoming Royal Adelaide Show, the Rotary Port Adelaide Art Show (she supervised for the 2016 show the installation of more than 550 artworks in different styles and sizes), she is participating in three more exhibition venues until end of the year, has requests by galleries for 2019 and is planning an exhibition for end of 2020 where she for the first time opens her 70 years collection of world history to the public.



Photographs of a variety of works Sue creates in her spare time:

Photographs of a few stations in Sue’s life as an Arts Gallery owner: