Aim is to promote SA with its beautiful coastline, interesting inland townsunique businesses, as well as some places Sue visited during travelling this beautiful country.  As far as possible Sue will add photos or links to her related photos.

Sue will publish monthly travel tips here – look out for the special gift related to one mentioned place of the month, on request we extended last month tip as the Port is packed during April with heaps of activities for adults and kids.

April 2019

Take your family or yourself on a trip to Port Adelaide, enjoy all the wonderful things ‘the Port’ as we call our city has to offer.

Let’s start by the Port itself. Driving in your vehicle or the bus (I recommend a day ticket to be flexible)  from the city via Port Rd will be like a self-guided sightseeing tour, on the way modern elements but also a lot of history.

Shortly after leaving the city you see on the left the recently permanently closed Coca-Cola Amatil factory (ca. 150 employers lost their jobs).

A few doors further you’re coming past the West End Brewery, why not leave the bus to go on a 90min brewery tour with beer tasting and learning the craft of brewing beer?


The bus reaches short after the 12kms (approx. 7.5mi) long Port Rd but before I tell you some of the notable sites let me mention that this road is the widest road with 60m (approx. a half mile) and a giant median strip in the middle. It’s not sure if this stretch was thought as a canal from the Port of Adelaide to Adelaide. For lovers of history see the plan with the notes by following the link:

The next site we like to show and tell you about is the Hindmarsh Stadium aka Coopers Stadium (after the main sponsor Coopers Brewery) the home of our “Reds” the soccer (SANFL) team Adelaide United. For more to stadium, its history, the team, the current German trainer Marco Kurz , and more please follow the link:

In the neighbourhood of the Hindmarsh Stadium you see the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and on the opposite site one of Adelaide’s great life music venuesThe Gov – Governor Hindmarsh. For more information to both venues please follow the links:

Back by the Hindmarsh Stadium / Coopers Stadium you’ll find more eateries, from international to  traditional Aussie food, before you enter the bus again on your short trip to the Port.

Coming closer to the suburb of Alberton you’ll see the signs to our AFL Club Port Power and the Magpies or as the official name is Port Adelaide Football Club. Maybe you like to jump off the bus again to buy some merchandise or take a chance to meet the players? Training times and details see the link:

Also in Alberton on the city facing site of Port Rd is the Alberton Hotel, a pub which is family-owned for more then 75 years (under the current owner Peter Brian 26yrs). Here you find some of the old Port Power fans reminiscing over the ‘good old days’.

A bit further the road facing Port Adelaide the bus passes the Prince of Wales Hotel (suburb Queenstown) a pub associated with the Port Power footie club.

Before you come to the heart of the city of Port Adelaide  you pass the 1886 established Portland Hotel.  The suburb of Portland was in this olden days the only suburb which was a city in the city.

Well, by the Portland Hotel is the Railway Station, it’s now on you if you continue the few metres bus-ride to the Port Adelaide Interchange. Details what to do in the Port are on this website in our Tourism area and the video below:

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sue for more information or a getting a guided walk through The Port. Enjoy your stay, the sites, the river with its ships and dolphins, waterbirds etc. and when you like to see and feel history pure then I recommend a visit on the worlds oldest clipper ship the City Of Adelaide” and when you are inside you’ll see a framed photograph of the porthole where it hangs, take a photo of it, send it with your contact details to to claim your gift.

Have fun and enjoy what our Port has to offer, warm regards, Sue
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