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From Coast to Vines to Giants in Ancient Lands + Come Walk in the Footsteps of our Ancestors
Aboriginal Cultural Tours South Australia  (South Australian Tourism Awards winner 2012 + 2015

See the Flinders Ranges and other spectacular landforms through the eyes of an Aboriginal guide. Hear the creation stories to enrich your understanding of the landscape.
Tickle Belly Hill is located in Pichi Richi Pass, an ancient trade route between the coastal people, the Bungala and Nukanu, and the desert rock people, the Adnyamathanha.

Multiple award winning Bookabee Tours Australia is Aboriginal owned and operated. As Traditional Aboriginal owners, Bookabee Tours Australia visit places very few others have seen.

The IndigenousTourismChampionsProgram (ITCP) was instigated by Tourism Australia (TA) and Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) with significant support and involvement from the State and Territory Tourism Organisations (STOs).
Please scroll to page 6 to see the possibilities South Australia offers you, the tourist, to learn more about the original owners of the land, their culture, their sites, their life current and past, and enjoy their dreamtime stories and their knowledge of the land.

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