Museums in the Port: SAAM South Australian Aviation Museum


Port Adelaide is affectionately known as the Museum Capital of Australia and the only place on world with three major museums in one street: the Lipson Street.

South Australian Aviation Museum Port Adelaide (SAAM)

Open daily from  10.30am to 4.30pm  except Christmas Day

SAAM has a wide collection on civil and war planes as well as the Woomera Rocket Collection, the the surviving F-111 and an P-3 Orion which did fly very low over my head at the Port Vintage Festival 2016, I heard a dark humming noise and before I realised this beauty was above my head turning to the left by St Vincent Street and was too quick to capture.

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Woomera Missile Park – Copyright Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)

Volunteers are restoring and maintaining the collection on aircrafts, engine displays, general and special interest displays, propellers and have more aircrafts in storage. The new hangar is also very impressive so as the Engine Runs during special events.

SAAM Tour Offers:

If you like a truly unique experience you shouldn’t miss out on the  F-111 tour, I recommend to book very early as the one-on-one tours are too quick booked out. 

Available are also nearly one and a half hour guided group tours which include the restoration workshop (this part is normally not accessible to the public).

Booking directly with SAAM:

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