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A few Facts of SA which you may not have known yet

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  • SA is the only Australian state  which was not settled as a penal colony for convicts but by free settlers.
  • The first ships from England arrived in 1836 were carrying 200 free settlers.
  • Many of the settlers were from Germany.
  • By 1850 about 38,000 immigrants had settled in South Australia.
  • Our border is 3,185 km long.
  • We have an area of 983,482 km2 = 12.7 percent of Oz and makes us the  4th largest state.
  • Our coastline is 5067 km long
  • Our flag dates back to 1904 featuring a British Blue Ensign defaced with our state badge: a yellow disc with a white-backed piping magpie with its wings outstretched.
  • Our Code Of Arms features also the Magpie and on the crest our floral symbol: the Sturt’s Desert Pea and on top of a wreath of our state colours.
  • Our Murray River is the 4th largest on world.
  • Our Coober Pedy mine is the world’s largest producer of opals.
  • The biggest and most worth opal was found in Andamooka and was gifted frames which diamonds to Queen Elizabeth II at her first visit after coronation in SA, this jewel was a gift from the people (and not by our government) of South Australia.

There were a much more to list but we tell you more when you choose us as guide for your South Australian tours .


So, you made it all the way to down here  🙂   you have deserved a smile or a good laugh, read the 40 signs about us and why you never shall call Adelaide ‘Radelaide’  😉

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