Tanunda & Château Tanunda

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Oct 192018
When we  mention in one breath a few things like
then we are telling you about the

The Château was built in the late 1880‘s and is home to some of the earliest planting of vines in the Barossa Valley: dating back to the 1840‘s!

Château Tanunda is also Australia’s largest and oldest wine Chateau and a designated monument in the State Heritage Register.

It was during a morning bike ride in 1998 that John Geber saw “it” the first time.  “It” was Château Tanunda in Australia’s Barossa Valley, a majestic Bavarian-style Château and in its prime the largest winery in the Southern Hemisphere.  He bought it the very next day.  We like in a short video clip introduce you to the owner of this beautiful place, his family and it’s Sunken Garden

Another remarkable point beside the fantastic wines is that
Château Tanunda’s success was the Barossa’s success: For years it was the heart of Barossa wine-making, on the rafters you see some of the most famous names in Australian wine history, past and present, all of whom have worked at the Château. On their website you can see some of this names, we recommend to set this  wineries also on your list to visit.

“Blupebbleroad – A Snapshot of Adelaide and Environs” by Kathy Vasic

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Dec 062016

Blupebbleroad – A Snapshot of Adelaide and Environs” by Kathy Vasic

1st to 20th November 2016


Links to this exhibition and Kathy’s works:




Karin Upgaard exhibition “40 Tubes Of Acrylics”

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Dec 062016

Karin Upgard exhibition “40 Tubes Of Acrylics”

1st to 20th November 2016

Karin studied beside Fine Art also Graphic Design and Framing.
which reflects in her various works. She loves working with  Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Acrylic Paint.
Her exhibition are beautiful paintings which reflects her studies. Karin offers her artworks to low prices to make it possible to everybody to lay an artwork under the Christmas tree.
Karin Upgaard Exhibition 11/2016

Karin also works with recycled materials on painted boards, her robots / androids / robotic art  is very popular with Collectors around the world.  Karin set here too the prices down for Christmas, they are suitable for every rooms in your home or office.

Diary ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide

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Jul 282016

Wednesday 27th July 2016

After dismantling of the “Port Adelaide and Its People” exhibition everything got ready for day one of the installation of the SALA 2016 Exhibition by Dianne Vanstone.

After days of chaos at the gallery since end of the Port exhibition my artist and I are looking forward to the end of day two of the installation. Our apologies to everyone who had the bravery to visit us over the last couple of days.


Thursday, 28th July 2016

The day arrived where I got all of Di’s artworks and the Children’s Books to see. amazing works !!!

Straight after arrival of Di and her husband Terry the day got past with hanging and rearranging the works.

Despite utter chaos in the gallery customers found their way in and enjoyed a chat with the artist.

I’ll be back tomorrow night to tell you about chaos day two and I may find a minute or two to show you some photos.


Friday 29th July 2016

No time for chaos photos…

Last adjustments, some rearranging works again by Dianne and me. Luckily Terry gave us a hand in adjusting the gallery lights before his off for some hours going for fishing – he came back without a catch….

Still utter chaos in the gallery – still customers coming in and enjoying the chat with Di.

We had a short break where I did a (really) short tour through my historic neighbourhood and shared some of the old stories with her.

Just as I showed Dianne in the VIC (Visitor Information Centre) where the cells had been and the prisoners did their daily exercise came Jane Marr from the Port Adelaide Enfield Council to distribute the catalogue of the  Port Adelaide SALA venues, first we did see on the rear cover: a print of Dianne’s painting of the world’s children series.

Very interesting newspaper articles I got today also from my artist, here they are:

SALA-2015-Artwork_DiVanstone-Portfolio_4 SALA-2015-Artwork_DiVanstone-Portfolio_3 SALA-2015-Artwork_DiVanstone-Portfolio_2

Back at the gallery it was nearly time to go for Di and me to get some other works done so I had to miss out on the launch by HON Susan Close MP of the Youth exhibition at the Community Arts Centre.


Saturday, 30th July 2016

Again no time for chaos photos…

Back at the gallery again for doing cleaning works and getting rid of chaos and rubbish a very prominent visitor came: our Jay Weatherill Premier of South Australia http://www.premier.sa.gov.au/ministers/premier-jay-weatherill  to see the exhibition, gosh… I felt so ashamed as I was sweaty, smelled like a skunk and my hair was a mess.

I got the glass of the display cabinets -hopefully- spotless even if I needed to do a sos call to my tour guide Tania as didn’t get about my disability the glass doors back in place, my thanks to Tania & Jordan for the speedy help!

Tomorrow is still a bit work to do but most in the storage area, on the floor has the spots from ladder, moved tables and shelves be removed before a good clean.

As I have some more administrative works for the exhibition to do I say bye for now and be back -with luck- some time during the SALA exhibition by Dianne Vanstone.


Wednesday 17th August

In the meantime we had a successful SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival Exhibition Launch with 89 visitors as you may have seen on the updates to our artist Dianne Vanstone.

I’m still working on the paperwork at night as with 30-40 visitors per day is not much time to do the work at the gallery, beside that I have a heap of meetings, networking events, and with luck from next week on a volunteer for two hours on Tuesdays which gives me space for the preparation of the next exhibitions.

When you don’t see here news please scroll through the other pages where I post themes of importance.

Bye for now, Sue













Seeya later folks xxx

ASSP Newsletters

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Dec 082015


we publish here for you every month our Newsletter to keep you informed what happened and is happening at ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide.

You can get involved!

You have a special event you like to share with the world?

You like us to share your photographs of this event with the world?

Don’t hesitate to let us know early enough about your upcoming event and we even may have a little surprise for you, be not shy and let us know about the milestones in your life.


Sue and her team of ASSP and our artists are wishing you and your loved ones a

and a
May health, peace, joy and prosperity accompany you throughout 2016!

Gëzuar Krishtlindjet!  Sretan Božić!  ČestitBožić!  Glædelig jul!  Hyvää joulua  Rauhallista Joulua ja Hyvää Uutta Vuotta! Boldog karácsonyt!  Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket!  Auguri di buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo!  С Рождеством Христовым!  С Рождеством!  Šťastné a veselé Vianoce!  Feliz Navidad!  Frohe Weihnachten!  Froehliche Weihnacht!





Oct 082015

Public Comments to ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide


Hi Sue, great meeting you on Friday at the launch, brilliant photography and an enjoyable get together.

The gallery in an exciting venture and the sort of thing Port Adelaide needs as it tries to draw more people to the area.