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Oct 212018

Recipient of multiple international awards for photography, brush- and digital created abstract Art. 

Being an artist behind the lens and on canvas I like to express my feelings and thoughts to the world around us in the colourful Art I create.

I don’t hesitate showing in my photography environmental problems brutal honest but in my paintings I’m inclined to show them in bold colours, integrating the beauty around us. An example below.

 My 2018 international awarded watercolour painting Journey of the Soul (see below) inspired by a SALA workshop held before retirement in my art gallery. It took me 40+ years to take a brush in my hand again, and starting  ‘playing’ with colours, sponges and all kinds of brushes not even known in my earlier days. Intentionally this painting has no description as I like the viewer literally to ‘write’ his/her own story to this work.

I also love doing paintings in the style when I did when I was a child, they are such a fun to paint and are loved by young and old. On the right beside the crayon painting on paper My Little Cow it is my watercolour painting Hexenhaeuschen – Gingerbread House which is inspired by the story of Little Red Ridinghood by the Grimm Brothers.

Dear Visitor I need a name
would you please help Sue?

Beside watercolours I did one mixed media work (non-toxic oils, acrylics, pen) but my lung condition prevents me to paint with oils again.

Currently I’m learning Pouring Art and love it, poor teacher of mine has to put up with my experimenting during the lessons, sometimes successful as you see on the one on the right photo above.


Even if my works gain International Awards I call myself a hobby painter this as there is also my photography keeping me busy and the two new books I’m working on.